Friday, June 5, 2015

The SeaFood Market Restaurant (Manila)

Calling all seafood lovers out there! This is a food experience story you don’t want to miss!
Earlier today, I was invited to try out the food over at The SeaFood Market Restaurant located at J. Bocobo, Ermita, Manila. Normally, when I think fresh seafood, I’d go to Dampa—where you get to choose your seafood the same style as people do in wet markets, and have them cooked the way you want.
Well, you get EXACTLY that, and MORE at The SeaFood Market and Restaurant!
Here is what the restaurant looks like! If you think it’s a mix of old and new, you’re right!
The SeaFood Market and Restaurant is currently under a new management, and renovation is underway! I got extremely excited when I saw what this place would look like in 3 MONTHS! Here’s a peek:

Seriously. How awesome is that?! I totally fell in love with the pegs, and cannot wait until the renovation is over! This would be the ULTIMATE SeaFood Market and Restaurant everrr.
The restrooms were renovated first and foremost—and you will see a clip of that in my vlog! (link soon) I personally think a restaurant with clean and beautiful restroom is a total PLUS!
Let me take you around the area, cherish it—as this will all change very soon [and for the better]
Right by the entrance is a long section of the seafood. This is the area where you “shop” for your choices.
They’ve got everything from halaan, to lobsters, squid, shrimp, salmon…
Hotpot, anyone? Available here too!
Look at those crabs!
They also have fresh vegetables and fruits!
Now for the fun part…THE EATING!
I ordered ripe mango shake and I absolutely loved it. Who wouldn’t?!
We were served plain seafood soup before the meals were served. Plain, yet tasty! Perfect to start off a meal with.
I adored the silverware and plates. I just love anything with a touch of gold!
You may get something similar, a plate with a variety of seafood cooked in different ways; in this case, huge shrimps in chili sauce (MY FAVORITE), tausi, kangkong and mushrooms. OR you may also get each viand per plate, if you are sharing.
Here we have a crab claw cooked to perfection (I loved every single piece of it), clams, pechay, and mushrooms.
Regarding the freshness of the seafood? I give it a 10. Each dish was cooked perfectly. Everything went well with my taste preference! I did not dislike any of the food we had for lunch—and to think I’m not a huge seafood person! I personally do not like the “lansa” taste in my seafood, and I did NOT get that from this restaurant, that’s for sure.
You bet I’ll be coming back for more.
For dessert, we had mangoes. What better way to end a meal than with fresh fruits, right?
Things to keep in mind:
  • Prices are indicated at the “wet market” section, you will be given a cart to shop around with
  • Serving time is 15-20 minutes.
  • You have the freedom to request HOW you want your food to be cooked
It was a delightful experience at the SeaFood Market Restaurant. I will definitely come back for more.
You may visit The SeaFood Market Restaurant at Jorge Bocobo Street, Ermita, Manila.

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