Thursday, November 13, 2014

SHAVING MY LEGS + Aftershave for Women Review & Demo


Hi everyone,

I have a brand new video up on my channel and it’s all about SHAVING MY LEGS!


There are numerous ways of removing hair on the legs, underarms, and the bikini area—but none of them is as fast as shaving. Usually when I am in a rush, I don’t get to go to the waxing salon anymore so I just reach out for my shaver, and voila! Instant, smooth, and hair-free skin!

The shaver I use is from Intuition, and I like it for the soap surrounding the blades which allows the blades to glide smoothly on my skin without leaving nicks and cuts.

Before, I didn’t really have an idea on what type of shaver to use; and I remember using a shaver for men on my legs, and it ended up really bloody. Yep, those nicks and cuts are not cute at all!!!

After care for the skin after shaving is a MUST.

Although I use a product which allows smooth gliding of the blades, it doesn’t mean that I should stop there. My skin is especially dry on my legs, that is why I see to it that I use my aftershave!

I’ve always seen men use aftershaves. Never women. But that changed when I was introduced to the Dr. Severin Aftershave for Women!


It comes in this white jar (200ml). Inside it is a clear gel which I lather onto my skin after rinsing [after shaving my legs]

Why do I use the Dr. Severin After Shave for Women?

  1. Shaving alone without aftercare can cause stress to the skin. This can lead to small bumps/spots, irritations and even rashes
  2. It has soothing natural components like Witchhazel and Rosemary that prevent and reduce spots and irritations leaving you with smooth, soft skin
  3. It doesn’t contain any paraben nor alcohol—which makes this product sting-free!
  4. This aftershave moisturizes the skin; and it leaves the skin smelling fresh and clean
  5. I love the cool sensation it leaves on the skin after application; I don’t experience itchiness [which is usually an onset of an irritation] anymore as compared to when I don’t use this product [after shaving]

If you have an existing irritated skin from shaving, the Dr. Severin AfterShave for Women would be perfect for you! This product is suitable for all skin-types as well.

Lastly, the company does NOT test on animals. This is a vegan product.

For more information, visit and check out their range of quality men's and women's fresh intimate care products.

Enjoy the video and don’t forget to leave your comments!


  1. Say, yung link mo ng website nila doesn't exist daw

    1. ah nagwork pala nung kinopya ko pero pag click ko sa link mo dito doesn't exist siya, thank you (sorry double message na)

  2. Thanks for sharing this one. :) I don't really shave, but maybe I can use this in the future! :)

  3. thank you for sharing ateh say..ako din tulad ni abegaill hindi din po ako ng sha-shave hehe maliliit at maninipis pa nga po sakin pero gusto ung mahaba..ang gusto kulang i shave ung sa face ko kaso hindi pwde kaya inahayaan kunalang..ate say pa vlog po for update sa simple make up or for work make up po thank you,,.

  4. I have a hairy legs and im not blessed with a nice legs. So hopefully to have that one, 😊

  5. Thanks for letting all of us know about this! Will hopefully get to try this soon :)

  6. Hi Miss Say,
    Did you do the 500php makeup challenge already? I’m excited to see it! Do it pleaaaase! XD
    ~Pauline @Clarisonic Philippines

  7. Thanks sa helpfup tips Ms.Say :)) Must try this one .

  8. Galing! Okay na okay to sa mga katulad ko na dry skin and mabalbon hehe :)

  9. This is a very interesting product, Ms. Say. I regularly shave my legs because I like wearings shorts when going out and also when I am about to wear a dress. Usually, I only apply lotion after shaving. I was not aware that there is an available after shave for women. Thanks for the information and I might give this a try.

  10. Great review ms.say but for me i really dont shave especially in my leg maybe for some reason na din i dont wear shorts and diba po every time you shave may tendency na kumapal ang hair at dumadami yung hair strand?

  11. It's always fun and always a good learning experience watching your videos or reading your blogs. You are an inspiration to a lot of woman who wants to look fabulous everyday. ❤❤❤ Keep them coming ☺☺☺

  12. Thanks for sharing this Ms. Say! Im always a fan of you!

  13. hi miss say gusto ko po itry yan kaso po natatakot po ako baka kumapal po ang balahibo. hihi

  14. Im honestly scared to shave my hair on my legs maybe because wala talaga ko hair sa legs.. balahibong pusa daw.. pero gusto ko i try kaso baka kumapal?

  15. Hi Say! Are there any alternatives for this? I would like to recommend this to my relatives abroad. However, if they cant find such, are there any intl brands which can serve as an alternate? Thanks for sharing this to us, Say. Now we know it doesnt just stop at shaving. Moreso, lotion isnt just enough. :)

  16. tagal ko na naghahanap ng makakatanggal ng balahibo ko sa legs and this make me happy, kasi pagshineshave ko gamit ang cheap shaver pag tumubo ung balahibo matigas hndi sya natatanggal ng maayos i will try it so i can wear short short haha

  17. Does DR. SEVERIN AFTERSHAVE FOR WOMEN works on armpits too?

  18. I dont really shave im afraid to do it kc. Hehe..