Saturday, November 8, 2014

Love Desserts Buffet Experience


Imagine a place where you can eat all the sweets your heart desired…


A few weeks back, Mark & I visited my cousin whom I haven’t seen in so long. She’s the owner of the very first & original dessert buffet restaurant in Manila—Love Desserts Buffet!

I personally have never been to a “dessert-all-you-can” restaurant and the experience was very new to me!

Upon entering Love Desserts that day, the place was packed. We certainly have a lot of sweet-tooth in the house!

On the dessert buffet table you will be a variety of cakes, sweets, cookies, snacks and many many more!

My favorites? Definitely brazo de mercedes, the SUPER MOIST CHOCOLATE CAKE with leche flan on top (omg how sinful does that sound?!), the SUPER soft and delicate red velvet slices, the silvanas…alright, I could go on and on and on about this!!!

Love Desserts’ cakes are baked FRESH every single day, so I guarantee you won’t get  stale serving EVER.

Enjoy the vlog here:


I like how homey the restaurant is. Definitely a perfect place for hang-outs!

Love Desserts Buffet also has a crepe station where you can ask the staff to cook the crepe for you—whatever way you want it! Big, medium, small…with chocolates, fruits, marshmallows, syrups…etc! The combinations are ENDLESS.


Did anyone say UNLIMITED ICE CREAM? Yupppp they have it here! Endless choices for toppings too! They also have shakes, coffee, ice tea, juices, you name it!

A dessert buffet wouldn’t be complete without HALO HALO!


Here’s why you should try out Love Desserts Buffet:

  • they change up their menu EVERY DAY, that’s a guarantee! You won’t get “sawa” easily.
  • they also offer snacks like the Pinoy Nachos (omg, a must-try—I kid you not. Mark and I LOVED this stuff) and FULL meals like beef tapa, chicken steak..etc. All of them tastes SO YUMMY, you’d come back for more!
  • Only P199.00 per head!!! How cool is that?!
  • Its location is very accessible!
  • They’ve got the SOFTEST CAKES EVERRR. I have not tasted any other cake as soft as that red velvet slice I’ve tried that day.


Located at 915 Banawe Street Corner Del Monte Street QC. (Besides Bruno’s Barbers)

I’m thinking of holding a meet & greet at Love Desserts VERY soon! So stay tuned for that :)

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Hope you enjoyed this post! Don’t forget to watch the vlog to see the stuff we ate!! Super good food, I tell ya!

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  1. looks like heaven! I want go there!

  2. Thanks for sharing a review on this resto! :)

  3. Love the design on the wall and the desserts! I need to try it soon especially your fav. one :)

  4. naalala ko nanaman yan gusto ko tlga pumunta jan..lahat masarap...hmmmpf yummy.thank you ms say.

  5. Wow, sa banawe lang pala yan sana madaling hanapi at makatry nga diyan kumain ng mga deserts ng cousin mo

  6. When I watched your video, I was drooling over the desserts talaga. Looks super sarap. And affordable pa. My only problem is that the place is far from home. :/ Hope they'll open more branches soon. :D

  7. waaahh gusto kong pumunta dyan.. PARADISE haha!

  8. I really wanted to visit the place. Sweetness overload.. !! Yummy

  9. we will definitely try that out on our next foodtrip with friends!!! :)

  10. Finally had the chance to went here. I am so happy i got to taste their desserts and also they have different varieties of cakes so you will not get sawa. And they have the salad and the dynamite its not that spicy so i enjoyed it.

  11. after ng workshop sa nov.22 ppunta kami jan!!! waaaah.. yameehh...

  12. Punta ko jan kasama si boyfie :)) Sweet affair :) <3 Excited much!

  13. Oh my! Sweetness overload! <3 I want those cakes... *jealous* :(

  14. Omg!!! This is perfect sa mga mahilig kumain ng dessert Like me but unfortunately walang ganyan samin dito so hanggang tingin na lng ako ms.say hehe ^_^

  15. Thank you for this vlog Ms. Say my cousin told me to try this until I saw it from your vlogs. ❤️

  16. No makeup can put that glow in your eyes over the video knowing you're in a nice place. I'd go here any minute if it wasn't for the far location from the south. Perhaps they could open a branch in Makati so it's more accessible? :) Thanks for the video, Say! Very enjoyable!

  17. ugh, my sister won in your love dessert gc and we cant wait to use it, and taste all the delicious desserts there

  18. I love desserts! This is a heavenly place for all dessert lovers out there!