Monday, October 27, 2014

GET YOUR 2015 PLANNERS NOW! (Last 1 Day to Pre-order) Scribble|Doodle from FILED!


Hey everyone! 2015 is just around the corner, and that means we need to get a new planner! If you’re like me, who can’t live without a planner, you’d know how difficult it is to find a decent looking planner (especially when you forget about it! One time, I had to settle for a flimsy planner because the bookstores have already ran out of stocks!) I’ve been using planners since HIGH SCHOOL (so that’s about 8-9 yrs already!) and I just cannot live without one. I need to write.stuff.down, else forget all the events and important stuff I need to remember!

Get FILED recently sent me a gorgeous package and in it is the SCRIBBLE 2015 Planner! I fell in love at first sight… It’s all I want in a planner! Simple, sleek, and the insides? Everything I need is in it!!!

Firstly, I LOVE the monthly quotes!


Next, I love all the spaces! I tend to jot down SO MANY STUFF and the Scribble Planner will allow that. It also has areas for things you’re grateful for—how cute, right?


You will also get an EXPENSE TRACKER!


Bucket List, anyone?


On the last few pages of the planner, you get blank pages for scribbles and scratches!


You’ll also get a bookmark!


FILED also sent this super cute stuffed toy:


And lastly, stickers!


Thank you so much to GET FILED for the package!

I recommend you get this planner for 2015 because honestly, it’s everything I ever want a planner to be :) It makes me more excited for the year to come!

Didn’t like the Scribble Planner? Well, check out the DOODLE PLANNER HERE - 

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LAST DAY TO PRE-ORDER TODAY! Head over to now!


  1. Wow!💚 ive been following getfiled on IG.. i love all their works too.:)

  2. hi ms say pareho po tayo ganyan din po ako..since high school po ako nag susulat ako ng mga gagawin at gusto kong gawin araw araw..ang sarap po sa pakiramdam kapag ung naplano mo eh nagawa at natapos mong gawin..hihi nakakatuwa pong isipin na hind lang pala ako ang my gawain ng ganun..ang kaibahan lang po ng sakin ng susulat po ako sa may likod ng notebook ko hihi..thank you for sharing ms say and godbless you.^^

  3. I pre-ordered a doodle planner and I'm so excited to get it! :) Can't wait to play with my planner. I actually have 3-4 planners every year. :)

  4. I really want to be the COMMENTER OF THE MONTH and win your prizes Ms. Say ;)
    (straight to the point haha)

  5. I love everything in this planner hehe. Ganda po ng mga quotes ♡ I'll try to get one para parehas tayo hehe :)

  6. Nung hs palang ako gusto ko talaga magkaroon ng doodle or scribble planner. I came from an all girls school so halos lahat ng classmates ko, creative, doodle ng doodle, mahilig sa mga cute stuff so nakikita ko sakanila to, ako naman I only have my starbucks planner w/c I earned kakakape, but I figured ngayon na graduate nako ng college, gusto ko naman magka doodle planner na. Kung kelan di na nag aaral. Hahahaha! I only fill my planner with happenings, moments, parang nagiging diary pero nagiging agenda ko din naman siya. Wala lang! Share ko lang! :) Ganda kasi ng planner na to hehhe

  7. I love to have this planner. I am fond of collecting quotable quotes. :D

  8. I love the stuff toy keychain ba yan? Super cute!

  9. Ay ganda na memo pad notebook mo ms. Say.. napaka colorful parang buhay ng tao napakakulay at ang sarap mamuhay kapag lahat ng pinagdadaanan mo or naging experience mo masaya man o hindi eh pedeng mong balik balikan dahil maisusulat mo din sya d2.. at ska magagamit mo 2 for your appointments.. para my calendar notes mo.. god bless ms say.. :)

  10. I love planners! I'm one of those who always has a planner, notebook and pads inside the bag. Seem to always have things to write from grocery list to things to do to appointments....

  11. Ang ganda ng planner na yan, mahilig din ako sa planner

  12. I love, love, love the planner. You remind me of my high school days. Mahilig din ako sa planner nung panahon pa ni Pilosopo Tasyo. Sinusulat ko talaga lahat at nagda-diary pa ako. Pero ngayong digital age na, lahat ng isinusulat ko online na halos lahat. Kung planner noon, nag-oonline calendar na ako ngayon. Yung sa Google ang gamit ko dahil may email alert.

  13. Been using Filed planners for years now, love the designs :)

  14. I really love planners... I'm been using planners since 2007 and I liked it because I can write all my appointments, birthday, anniversary reminders... I also get to plan ahead of to do lists and travel lists :D

    These planners above are adorable and cute... love the stickers!!!

  15. I want this planner! But I think it's too big to carry with me everyday especially if you have a lot of school materials to bring always. But it looks useful and cute.

  16. Ang cute ng planner. It will always be a useful tool for a busy person like you. With workshops and meetings and product launching from here and there, you really need that. And I have to say kahit di ako mahilig sa planner, gusto ko din ng ganyan coz it is cute and colorful! :)

  17. Good thing naimbento ang planners kase just like you Ms. Say I tend to forget things lalo na kapag marami na ako iniisip. Dati kase mahilig ako mag mental note kaya minsan nakakaligtaan talaga un iba. Pero ngaun sinusulat ko na :D

  18. This planner must be inspiring to use since there are lots of beautiful sayings in it. Interesting~

  19. Hindi ako mahilig sa planner.. Pero parang nainspire ako magkaroon kasi super cute, parang DIY planner siya. :-) Tska gusto ko yung expense tracker! Haha

  20. cute! it also have inspiring quote. this planner is so very perfect for you Miss Say kasi sobrang dami nyo pong appointments :) goodluck po sainyo and more power :)