Saturday, June 28, 2014

How To Whiten Teeth After Braces?

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After posting my ALL ABOUT MY BRACES post, people have been asking me how I got my teeth whiter especially after getting the braces off. Here are the things I did the natural way!

  • My dentist definitely did a great job buffing and smoothening out the surfaces of my teeth after removing the brackets, and I feel that this buffing session affected with the whitening of my teeth. She did not use bleach or anything! Just plain ‘ol buffing!
  • I use straw when drinking beverages such as coke, juices…etc. I think this helps because this way, you won’t stain your teeth! Caffeine is one of the causes of stains on teeth, so limit your caffeine intake.
  • I don’t smoke! Smoking makes your teeth yellow and your lips darker!!! And not to mention, your breath smell. Always practice good hygiene if ever you do smoke. Limit use or do not smoke at all.
  • I don’t use any special whitening agent, I usually use Colgate, Close-up, & Pepsodent for my toothpaste. I’ve tried using Crest, albeit with the use of this brand, you have to be consistent to see results.
  • Brush in between meals and use oral antiseptic to keep germs away! Build up of germs/plaque eventually makes your teeth look yellow. Hygiene is key!

There you have it, my tips on keeping your teeth white NATURALLY! :)


  1. Hi ms. Say. Ask ko lng if 25k pa rin ang cost ng braces sa dentist mo? Can i have ur dentist's contact number? TIA

  2. Wow thanks for these tips, Say :)
    I need these tips to keep my teeth white naturally

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  3. Thank you Say! Cant wait to have my braces removed. I'll follow these steps para hindi na kailangan magpa bleach. Going natural is still the easiest and the best! :)

  4. Very helpful tips! Now i know that caffeine can stain my teeth so im gonna start to tapered down my caffeine intake. Thank u so much ms.say!

  5. Wow. Buti na lang I don't smoke :) Thanks for the heplful tips po ^^ Share ko toh sa mga friends ko. :)

  6. from now on, i'll use straw na. sometimes kasi there's fast food chain na "no straw day"

  7. Wow! Great tips Ms.Say. Looking forward na ko matanggal un brace ko. Pero parang matagal pa kasi may aayusin pa daw po 😟

  8. wow.. i cant wait for mine to be off :/

  9. Thank you Ms.Say for thia info. Magagamit ko to lalo na may brace din ako.