Saturday, May 17, 2014

HAUL (Batiste, Look Beauty, Healthy Options)

A new haul for you guys! Check out what I got!

haul 2.Still002

I got this VS Strawberries and Champagne Perfume from my good friend, Joyce Sola! It smells absolutely amazing!!! Thank you Joyce!

haul 2.Still003

I got sick a few weeks back, and I read how bathing with Epsom Salt makes you feel better! I got this huge container of it from Healthy Options for only PHP99.00! What I did was mix this with lukewarm water and used it to bathe myself. It felt so relaxing!

haul 2.Still004

To aid in my quick recovery, I took Berroca. Although partly against this having the harmful ingredient aspartame, it really, somehow, boosts vitamins and minerals into my body, giving me the energy that I need. You can find this at any drugstore :)

haul 2.Still005

Calamansi Juice concentrate. This tastes amazing mixed with water! I took this 3 times a day until I felt better. It works! It’s one of my favorite Pinoy drinks ever!!!! Got this from the SM Supermarket.

haul 2.Still006

FINALLY GOT MY BATISTE DRY SHAMPOO!! XXL Volume is the one that I am holding here, and I LOVE IT! It boosts volume and is perfect for hair like mine. (My hair tends to flatten out on top) I got the 200ml for PHP550.00 from

haul 2.Still007

Another stuff I wanted to try out! I often get congested when I get sick. I got the Sinufix from Healthy Options for 800+php. Hmmm… it worked for a while on me, but I still prefer my Vicks inhaler over this! Too expensive, too!

haul 2.Still008

PowerBrow from MUA! It’s the perfect brow pencil + it has a highlighter on the other end! PHP350.00

haul 2.Still009

Pout Butter – as if I need another lip balm, but I wanted to try this! VERY BUTTERY INDEED! PHP150.00

haul 2.Still010

Last but not the least, another liner!!! This one’s really pigmented! I’ll be reviewing it soon! PHP350.00



  1. I really enjoy your hauls, Say! <3

  2. So good to watch hauls para my idea ka kung ano pede bilhin or worth buying ba. ^^ Thanks for sharing your hauls Ms.Say :)