Monday, March 17, 2014

Quick Update: Lost/Stolen Phone

Hey everyone, the past few days has been very tough on me. I just wanted to create this quick post to further disseminate information about my STOLEN iPhone 4. I attended the Macklemore concert last night, and I firmly believe my phone got stolen during the crowd-surfing of Macklemore (which was a fail, by the way) I caught the whole thing on my vlogging camera. Everyone was pushing. My phone was firmly tucked in the right pocket of my jeans.

When Mark and I decided to go home 10 mins after the crowd-surfing of Macklemore, I noticed my phone wasn’t in my pocket anymore. I felt numb. NANLAMBOT AKO. Nangyari ang pinakakinakatakutan ko. My phone was stolen.

Perhaps I was too absorbed, vlogging the entire thing. I didn’t expect ANYONE from the VIP/MOSH PIT AREA (the most expensive) to steal people’s stuff.

But somebody did.

We went back to the crowd and I asked as many people as I could if they’ve seen an iPhone 4. But alas, it was impossible to search everyone.

I bawled my eyes out. It was a different kind of pain. Not because I’m materialistic, but man, that iPhone contained EVERYTHING related to my work. P****, mapapamura ka talaga. I cried for a good 30 minutes, lamenting over my phone.

We reported it to the MOA security, but they could only do so much.

I was approached by Rico Robles (the DJ) at the lobby coz he saw me crying hysterically. He told me he lost his phone thrice and he knows how I feel. Thanks for coming up to us, Rico!

Hay nako. Kahit ilang balde pa ng luha ang iiyak ko, hindi ko na mahahanap yung phone ko.

I guess we eventually lose things we didn’t earn in the first place.

That iPhone 4 was a PRIZE I won from Jenni Epperson’s blog giveaway YEARS AGO. O diba, prize.

I knew I had to let go and move on kasi if not, I keep feeling pain. I keep on suffering. I’ll keep on saying “Dapat hinawakan ko, dapat eto dapat yan”…but nothing will change the fact that it was stolen.

Perhaps it was meant to be stolen.

So I am choosing to let go… And move on.

To whoever stole my phone, good luck to you, pal! Perhaps you need it more than I do (nakakaloka, na-afford niya ang VIP mosh pit ticket, tapos magnanakaw din? Perhaps he/she got the ticket for free) Ewan ko. I just know that karma is real. Someday you’ll get it.

I’ll work thrice as hard to bring back what I’ve lost. And I just know that something better is coming along.



This is my new contact (work) number, guys! To all my clients, PR friends, brands – feel free to reach me through this number and disregard the past # (09156218309)

I will fully resume work on Wednesday night, rest assured ALL inquiries will be answered. Please bear with me as I work on some things for the meanwhile.


Comment below if you have anything in mind.


  1. excited na kami makita new phone mo miss say :) you should do a whats in my phone vid next oh di ba :) keep moving forward:)

  2. Say! Pwede mo ata maretrieve yung former number mo then kapag may nagtext dun marereceive mo. Alam ko pwede yun sa globe eh

  3. i know how you feel say, bumalik tuloy ang hurt nung nwala ang phone ko years ago unexpectedly. i was on a concert too. Rockfest to be exact and people keep on jumping "Slam" near you siksik sila ng siksik then same thing that happend to you i lost my phone too I cried a lot for God sake yea people say things to calm pero wala na ehhhh. Move on nlng mggwa mo, dont worry Say pg may nwala may mas mgandang dadating!! Welcome to the Pilippines anyways haha just smile and be proud nothing bad happens to you ♥♥♥♥

  4. hi say.... inactivate mu b ung s icloud nya??? kc ung skin kpag may ngppsok ng ibang sim or tntry nya mgdwnload ndi xa mkpasok laging nlbas ung icloud... or nka sync b sa b mu ung mga pictures pra everytime na mgppicture ung nkkakuha mkkita mu kung cnu xa lalo n if mhilig xa mgsilfie...

  5. I'm really sorry about this Ms Say :( My friend, Dyosa, was even telling me how excited she was when you took her photo and may have a chance to be posted in your blog. Eh, nawala naman yung phone mo. Jinx ata siya eh! Joke! But with blessings coming your way I'm sure you can get a new one in no time. Just spare the person whoever took it and pray for his soul. Thanks again for the tix that I got from you :)

  6. You can still get your old number back (if from globe), php40 lang siya :) pabblock na ung old one after mo maactivate ung bago :) same number. :)