Monday, March 17, 2014

Hooray for Women’s Day!

Just in time for Women’s History Month observed throughout March, and International Women’s Day on March 8, WeChat rolls out a surprise for all the harworking, passionate, loving and beautiful women out there! Read on as we recount the many personalities of the ladies in your lives and help you match each one with WeChat’s new set of stickers available via its Sticker Shop.

  1. Miss Sweetness Alive


Refined in nature and as charming as the female protagonists in children’s storybooks, these women are built with warmth and without a single bitch bone in their bodies. Their innate ability to make others feel comfortable makes them the go-to people for sound advices and just about any conversation that hits close to home. Spot them on WeChat Moments sharing quick DIY posts or motivational photos for everyone’s dose of TLC!

  1. Miss Live Wire


These are the alpha females, the go-getters, and the starters whose prowess to soldier on often wins the day. Born with equal amounts of energy and blood pumping in their veins, they are the epitome of this year’s theme for International Women’s Day: Inspiring Change. An ideal match for this group’s get-up-and-go attitude is WeChat’s Group Chat feature, which lets them rally multiple contacts and circles—up to 100 people in two chat groups—in one go!

  1. Miss Atlas Trouper


Ever mobile and fueled by a growing range of influences, these women are the natural wanderers of the world. Breaking through boundaries is where it’s at for these folks and hitting the road is their way of responding to their internal quests. Easily detectable, atlas troupers are the first ones to use WeChat’s location-sharing and discovery features such as Shake, Friend Radar, and People Nearby to mark their lives’ checkpoints while looping in their social groups!

  1. Miss Get Happy


Radical in the way they act and always able to churn out inventive thoughts, this group is comprised of people who never fail to raise spirits up with their lightheartedness, infectious laughter, and sunny disposition. In the spirit of painting the town happy, this bunch can count on WeChat to easily surprise friends through picker-uppers in the form of Hold-to-Talk voice notes and video calls!

Aren’t they all cute?! Download WeChat now and spread these lady stickers to the women who matter most in your life—match it with their personalities, too!


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