Saturday, March 8, 2014

For Every Woman On the Go! (POWERBANKS ON SALE)

Getting “low-batt” is something I really dislike. Especially at this day and age when almost EVERYTHING is digital. My work entails a lot of interaction with clients via my phone—be it iMSG, SMS, Twitter, Viber, WeChat, etc… In short, I would be a wreck without my phone.

I make sure I have my powerbank with me every time I go out on long trips, and even just a normal day out, working! Sometimes, there are no available sockets to charge my phone in, so using a powerbank is the only way to go.

I own a 20,000MAH Powerbank (a white one) which I got from Powerbanks Online. And it hasn’t failed me—not even once.

Good news is they’re ON SALE!

Yes, you can get your very own 20,000K MAH Powerbank at 100% OFF and FREE SHIPPING when you use the promotional code “SAY”!



20k mah (P1199) – USE CODE “SAY” and it' becomes PHP1099.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

30k mah (1499) – USE CODE “SAY” and it becomes PHP1399.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

Photo clip lens kit (P789) – USE CODE “SAY” and it becomes PHP689.00 + FREE SHIPPING

20k mah + lens kit bundle (P1699) – USE CODE “SAY” and it becomes PHP1,599.00 + FREE SHIPPING!

30k mah + lens kit bundle (P1899) – USE CODE “SAY” and it becomes PHP1,799.00 + FREE SHIPPING!


Here’s what my powerbank looks like! :)

If you wanna check out the clip lens, here’s a demo video for you - | Use promo code “SAY” for PHP 100.00 OFF + FREE SHIPPING!

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