Tuesday, January 14, 2014

San San HD Foundation Review + Demo (Pinay Beauty on A Budget)

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Hi everyone!

Watch the video review here, it just went LIVE!

San San recently came out with a new line of “HD” cosmetics and today I present to you my first impression review on the HD foundation.

  • Excellent coverage for skin imperfections.
  • Formulated with Vitamins A, C & E.
  • Has SPF30 for a healthier and radiant skin.
  • Oil free liquid foundation. Blends superbly with any color cosmetics for a picture perfect look.
  • Shades: NATURAL, BEIGE, OLIVE (yellow undertone)

PACKAGING—San San definitely stepped up their game when it comes to packaging—I love the pump bottle of this foundation! It’s very convenient to use, and you don’t waste any product! The new design also looks more classic and chic compared to the previous collection.

SMELL—This foundation has a faint coconut scent which doesn’t really bother me at all. It’s not overpowering which is a good thing! I hate smelly foundations.

PRICE—This foundation only costs PHP195.00! Quite affordable! Especially for Pinays on A Budget!

CONSISTENCY—This foundation has a thick consistency, you will really feel it on your skin, hence, not lightweight

SHADES—Beige is the closest match to my skintone and I absolutely LOVE that all the shades has a yellow undertone! Perfect for Pinay skin!

Let’s move on to the road-testing:

I started off with my bare face, no primer—upon applying the foundation, it instantly concealed ALL my problem areas (dark spots, acne, dark circles) I had to use a buffing brush to achieve a seamless finish. I only needed ONE layer to cover my entire face and it was enough coverage I needed. The finish of the foundation is semi-dewy—which is contradicting since it claims to have an oil-free formula; albeit I do have combination skin, which perhaps triggered the dewy-ness. It is definitely NOT a matte foundation. I used a COLORLESS finishing powder to somehow bring the shine down a bit.

PERFECT, FLAWLESS FINISH. It looks awesome on photo, too!

before after powder

I went for a 4.83 mile biking session that afternoon with the foundation on my face. Duration of update: about (2) hours. Foundation still looked very intact, no fading, no cakiness, but shine is visible on T-zone, cheeks. Perhaps also triggered by the sweating from the workout + my skin type. I was pretty amazed because the foundation held onto my face without melting away, the shade stayed put—no darkening whatsoever.

after bike

Last update after over 5 hours of no retouching. T-zone and cheeks are still shiny. Creasing and dry flakes on the sides of my nose. Fading of foundation on my jaw-area and undereye area. Mild “pamumuo” of foundation on cheeks.

I tried retouching by adding a bit of the foundation on areas that needed it and dusted it off with the same colorless finishing powder and voila—it looked good as new!



I have gone through the pros and cons of this HD foundation and I must say that overall, I like it. I would buy this product again because it was able to stick on my face without caking/fading for about 2 hours. The coverage it gives my skin is great! A little goes a long way, too! Making this products very matipid! The scent is bearable to me, as well, and that sure gives the foundation a lot of brownie points! For the price of this foundation, the quality is not that bad!

When it comes to longevity, I would say it’ll go as far as 3 hours without primer and without retouching (depending on skin type) and as long as 10-12 hours with retouching. It doesn’t really say “long-lasting” on its description—and it really would be perfect for something else, like, photoshoots (short period of time)

Do take note that the finishing powder you use together with this foundation might greatly affect the finish or the result of the foundation onto your skin. If you find that this cakes up on your face, the culprit might just be the powder that you used to set it with.

Always experiment and find out which two products go well together!

I highly recommend using the Krave Minerale Finishing Powder with this as it gets rid of the shine *without giving a ghostly cast—with it being a “colorless” finishing powder.  

And one more thing, this foundation doesn’t contain any paraben! Good news for anti-paraben people! :)

That’s it for the review! I hope this helped, and stay tuned for the rest of the reviews as well as tutorials using the other products for this HD line from SAN SAN.


  1. hi Ate say can you do a review regarding light weight power in the market today for liquid foundations

  2. Hi ate say.. ano po b mgandang foundtion? Kasi oily po face q pero d nman super.. Pero nkakailang kya bka my mganda k po irecommend. Liquid/cake/powder. Ung affordable din. Thanks

  3. Hi ate say. Ano po pde n foundtion/cake/powder pra s oily skin? Pero d nman po super oily. Nkakailang lng po. Thanks. :) ung affordble dn sna.

  4. review for the concealer ate say please? love you!

  5. ate say review about the sansan hd concealer please?? love you!! ^_^

  6. Can you rate it from 1-5? I would like to inquire for this product from my favorite online makeup and cosmetics shop in the Philippines: Kallony.

  7. Miss Say, was this foundation looks good on pictures? I've been using kokuryu cake foundation.. it turns out well while i'm looking a the mirror but looks ghost on pictures.. Please give me some advices..

  8. do you already have review on SAN SAN SOLEIL MATTE FOUNDATION? if not can you please make one? thank you

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