Friday, January 17, 2014

San San HD Concealer Review + Demo (Pinay Beauty On A Budget)

with concealer

Another product from the latest HD Makeup Collection of San San—the HD Concealer!

  • High Definition Concealer
  • Contains Vitamins A, C and E
  • Has SPF15
  • Gives excellent coverage for skin imperfections
  • Has a high precision applicator to achieve a picture perfect look
  • Comes in (3) shades: Natural, Beige and Olive
  • Price: PHP105.00 only

Shown in the video and photos: “BEIGE”

Watch my video review here:

As previously mentioned in my San San HD Foundation review, San San also came out with an HD Concealer! And as promised, here is my first impression on the product:

Dark circles have never really plagued me in my life, but there are certain moments when I could use a little lightening and brightening under the eye area to look more awake!


I must, again, commend San San for their packaging! I absolutely love the twist-pen type applicator of this HD Concealer, it’s really convenient to bring around (no spills) and easy to use!


We have (3) shades to choose from: natural, beige and olive! Each shade has a yellow undertone to it! Perfect for Pinays! In this review I am using the shade BEIGE.


Only PHP105.00 for this HD concealer. Making it perhaps one of the most affordable “HD” concealers in the local market


This concealer doesn’t have any scent at all! Surprising, because San San usually adds their signature coconut scent to their cosmetics.

Here’a a before and after shot of my undereye area:

hd concealer before after

Application was fairly easy. 1-2 twists of the pen dispensed just enough amount of product to cover both under eye areas.

  • Concealer was very blendable—it was easy to spread it evenly
  • Matte finish—I did not find the need to set it with any powder anymore
  • Concealer instantly gave me a brighter undereye area—made me look more awake!
  • Discolorations were hidden in an instant

with concealer

First application at 5:32PM. Update at 9:01PM over 3 hours:

  • creasing seen especially on my right undereye area
  • no fading of the concealer
  • undereye area still looked very bright


Last check at 11:39PM over 6 hours from concealer application:

  • with retouching, the concealer still creased, although not significantly
  • mild fading of the concealer
  • undereye area brightness still present

over 6


Other than the mild creasing I experienced, I would totally recommend you to try out this HD concealer! Why? The pros totally weighed out the cons!

  • it’s very blendable
  • brightening effect on the undereye area is significant
  • no pungent
  • no paraben content
  • matte finish—no need to set with powder
  • lasts for up to 3-6 hours (minimal retouching needed to combat creasing)
  • very affordable for an “HD” concealer

I hope you found this review helpful! Give this a try, and let me know how it worked out for you.

Stay tuned for more Pinay Beauty On a Budget videos!


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