Friday, January 24, 2014

Not My Hands Makeup Challenge with Mark!

Hi everyone!

Sharing this new video I uploaded together with the love of my life. We did the “Not My Hands” Makeup Challenge! Got the idea from a famous Youtuber named Zoella!

We had so much fun filming it, and we hope you enjoy watching!

Here are some funny stills from the video!


Mark’s hands were WAAAAAAAY too big and too rough for my face! LOL


His hand here sure looks like my hand!


Got powder all over my face!


Struggled with taking my bun down!


Hurt me a little with the paddle brush! You could tell, Mark was having a little difficulty too! LOL


Ended up looking like THIS!!! Yeeep, Mark’s No Makeup Makeup Look. :) Hahahah!

Thank you baby for always being game to film with me! I love you!

Make sure you watch the video, guys!


  1. FUNNY! Hahaha! I had my boyfriend do my makeup last night but was too shy to film it. He did a good job, though! I think he intentionally messes up a bit to prove he's a man. Hahaha!

    It's fun when the guys are game for the girl's crazy ideas, no? :))

  2. those perfect brows! hahahaha! such fun video say!