Thursday, January 16, 2014

LIVE Beauty Chat via WeChat (January 19, 2014)


When I first started out with Youtube and blogging back in 2010, there was one thing I swore I’d always and never forget to do—and that was to reply to everyone who leaves a comment on my videos/posts.

Fast forward to 2014, a lot of things changed. It became impossible for me to continue replying to everyone.  It’s just that I don’t have as much time now compared to years ago.

This is why I wanted to invite everyone to a LIVE Beauty Chat via We Chat on January 19, 2014! It will be an hour-long chat with myself about all the beauty-related stuff you wanna ask me/share to me! I will be live for the chat and will answer all messages that come through from 4PM-5PM.

All you have to do is of course, download WeChat and add me! My username is “saytioco

If you don’t have WeChat yet, you can register with your email address to start chatting! If you have a Google account, you can also link it to WeChat; find friends who are on there, and add them to your list! The latest version of WeChat also supports latest smartphone iOS platforms (optimized to support the latest versions on both iOS and Android.)

Make sure you upgrade to the latest version of WeChat which is version 5.1! We’ll be able to use the group messaging feature, so if you wanna have a private beauty chat with me and your girlfriends we can totally do so! The group messaging feature can accommodate up to 100 users each! (I’m sure we won’t go that far, but isn’t it cool how SO MANY people can chat all at the same time?! It’s crazy!)

clip_image002 clip_image004

If group chats aren’t your thing, go ahead and send me a private message! Perhaps you wanna get suggestions on what makeup to get, or what products to use for your upcoming prom? I’ll be there to help!

Aside from all the chatting, feel free to send me photos via StoryCam for WeChat!

I’d be delighted to see what you wanna share with me! Perhaps new makeup products you got from the market? Or how that makeup look I did a video on turned out for you?

Here are some awesome features of the WeChat StoryCam!

- Choose from five photo themes: Featured, Place, Weather, Food and Lifestyle

- Enhance photos with up to 13 free filters—we all love filters!!!

- Receive real-time location, weather and date updates

- Edit your location and stories

- Place watermarks wherever you want on your photos

- Share photos easily with WeChat friends, on Moments or by email

clip_image006 clip_image008

I’ll be announcing the next session of the Live Beauty Chat soon after the first session!

You can most definitely save your favorite text/voice messages, photos and videos from our conversation to “Favorite Messages”- the first cloud-based storage service on mobile social communication apps – to view and share again anytime. You can edit and add new content to saved messages in any way you want.

Save the date, ladies! January 19, 2014 4PM-5PM! I’ll catch you on WeChat! :)

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