Friday, January 24, 2014

Before Youtube Came Along, I Enjoyed _______

1. Playing volleyball. I was a varsity player back in elementary and high school. I would spend my Wednesdays, Saturdays, and even Sundays training and playing for leagues against different schools! Playing volleyball was one of the biggest things going on in my life before Youtube came along!

2. Raising pets. I owned 2 guinea pigs before—which eventually ballooned to a guinea pig family of 20+ and I ended up giving them away because they were too much to handle! It was fun for me as a kid to see these creatures grow up and multiply! I vividly remember the squeaking sound of the guinea pigs when they’re hungry, and how they drink water! Too adorable! I got the idea of getting guinea pigs from a newspaper section called “A Pet’s Life by Kathy Moran” She featured Peruvian guinea pigs with long hair! And I got mine at Aranque! Hahaha! Landon and Jaimie (yes, I named them after the stars of A Walk to Remember) had shorter hair but they were sooo cute and I loved them like my babies. After the guinea pigs came the turtles and my fish which I named Bruno! They lived long happy lives <3 And of course, my addiction to dogs still lives on! We currently have 7 dogs in the house. My baby Princess passed away last November 2013—she also lived a long, healthy life. I miss her.

3. Playing games on the Family Computer. Remember Super Mario? I loved that game. I can still remember the mushrooms that make him grow bigger! Video games are not the same anymore! Now we get a LOT of applications on our smart phones that honestly, satisfy the kids all of us! Have you checked out WeChat’s latest games with its version 5.1 upgrade? I’ve been playing this for the past few days and it’s really fun! WeChat now makes things even more exciting engaging with its first game offering called Gunz Dash! Gunz Dash is arcade game which lets players embark on exciting adventures in a fantasy universe!

I have the blonde beauty Nikita as my hero for this game!


Blaze a trail with your choice of vehicles, additional gears, and helpful buddies such as helpful Scarlet, lofty Cherry, or coin-boosting Husky!


You can even personalize your gaming experience by customizing your music and effects while embarking on your quest.


After choosing your weapons and tweaking your settings, your adventure begins in earnest in this fantasy universe by sliding, jumping, beating challenges, collecting coins, and of course, winning the crown!


To up the ante even further, invite your friends, dash with them, and then share your scores on WeChat to spark future battles. After all, what’s more fun than playing and competing with your buddies? Whether in solo or multiplayer mode, users can update their contacts with their scores as they speed through worlds in this exciting 2D animated, side-scrolling race game.


Now truly a more personal experience than ever, video games have indeed evolved. With Gunz Dash on WeChat 5.1, you can customize how you play, what you hear, and the character that represents you, among other options you’re given. So take that plunge into the fantastic world of Gunz Dash on WeChat 5.1 right now and join the next step in video game evolution!

My username on WeChat is “saytioco”! Perhaps you wanna challenge me for a battle sometime? ;)

That’s basically where my life revolved around [other than studying] before Youtube came into the picture!

It’s amazing how things evolve. Just like how past video games were compared to today’s gaming innovations; and also how my life was before compared to the present time wherein I use up most of my time filming, editing and uploading videos on Youtube.

What were YOUR past times before and now? Feel free to share in the comments!

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