Friday, November 8, 2013

LOL Makeup (Foundation, Powder, Blush, Bronzer) Review

This new makeup brand called LOL (Lots of Love) recently caught my attention as I was walking around SM Manila’s Department Store. They didn’t have a huge kiosk, just  little stand with 4 panels displaying all their makeup products. The prices of their products were surprisingly low! I learned from the saleslady that LOL is a sister company of BYS (Be Yourself). Judging from the prices of BYS products, LOL is definitely a lower end version.

I recently did a video review testing out the face products of LOL. The liquid foundation, face powder, blush and bronzer. Here is an in depth post on each product and how they held up all throughout the night.

preview LOL

Watch the video here:

Let us start off with my bare face. You may not see it thoroughly, but I suffer from occasional acne and dark spots. I have combination skin (oily T-zone, rest of my face is dry) I did not use any primer/skin care product to see the real effect of the products alone.


DISCLAIMER: Majority of LOL products contain ingredients Propylparaben and Methylparaben


After application of the LOL Liquid Foundation

  • I chose the shade (02 Medium Beige) because the lightest shade seems to be too light on me when I tried it at the mall; after application, the shade seemed a little (just a little) dark for my skintone
  • The price is at PHP139.00
  • This is contained in a tube, very simple and convenient packaging
  • I used a kabuki brush to apply the liquid foundation on
  • The foundation gives light to medium coverage, layering gives more coverage
  • No bad smell
  • Covers up red acne pretty well
  • Doesn’t totally cover dark spots
  • Gives a very dewy finish (almost oily-looking)


After application of the LOL Face Powder

  • I chose the shade 01 Light just to somehow lighten the shade if in case the liquid foundation is too dark on me
  • Completely mattified my whole face
  • Powder is not chalky at all
  • Powder doesn’t have a bad smell
  • Price is at PHP139.00
  • Doesn’t cake up on the face
  • Judging from the photo I took, the shade of both the foundation and powder seemed to have blended and matched my skin tone already
  • Powder is great for touch-ups


After application of the LOL Blush

  • Shade chosen is Chateau Rose
  • Comes in a two-tone blush (a light and a dark shade); dark shade used on the photo above
  • Price at PHP139.00
  • Pigmentation is great, gives off a lot of color
  • Very blendable
  • Not chalky at all
  • No bad smell


After application of the LOL Bronzer

  • Shade used is Brown Sugar
  • Price at PHP139.00
  • Completely matte and just the right shade of brown to add shadows on the face
  • Very blendable
  • Pigmentation is great, a little goes a long way
  • No bad smell
  • Perfect to use to contour hollows of cheeks, jawline, temples and sides of the nose
  • Fading of the foundation on the sides of my face after application of the contour is noticed


(2) hours into the experiment (around 6PM), I found myself touching up using the face powder because my face looked really oily already.

I ended the day at around 11PM (over 7 hours passed) and this is what my face looked like:



  • No cakiness
  • Minor fading of the foundation on my forehead, t-zone and cheeks
  • Blush is still visible
  • Contour is still visible
  • No dry patches


  • My face turned so much darker compared to when I first applied it, the foundation seemed to have oxidized (although I don’t have acidic skin)
  • Visible oiliness is seen (even on my chin!!! I never encountered anything so oily before)
  • Dark spots are visible (sides of my face)
  • Fading of the foundation on the sides of my face



  • The LOL face powder is a really good powder to use for RETOUCHING! (See photo above) No nasty build up of powder residue whatsoever, I highly recommend the face powder!
  • The liquid foundation is definitely not for people with extremely oily skin/combi skin (constant retouching is needed!) The foundation will perhaps suit people with dry skin.
  • Blush and Contouring Powder = A+! Extremely matte, blendable, lasts long, and pigmented! Prices are affordable, too!
  • Paraben ingredient may be an issue for some people


And that’s it for my review! I hope you found this helpful. :)

LOL products are available at SM Department Stores.

Disclaimer: this is not a sponsored post, I bought everything with my own money.


  1. Great review! It's nice that you showed the downside of it. eeerrr, so if it made your skin so oily, how much more if you have oily skin in the first place. waaa... anyway, I noticed that you have some skin imperfections but it's okay, they're just some holes lang naman. You can still fix those. Try consulting Bello. She'll make your skin "makinis" and even talaga. I think you can afford it so go go go hehe.

  2. Good review! I just bought LOL bronzer in brown sugar. I'm excited to try it and make a review as well. ;)))

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