Tuesday, March 12, 2013

#1 On My List: Working from Home

Hi everyone!

In less than 2 weeks, I will already become a super full-time Blogger & Youtuber! It’s a BIG step finishing college, and an even bigger step starting life as an adult! I feel really blessed to already be ‘working’ since 2011, after just a year of starting my channel in Youtube and blogging (I started in the year 2010)! My “work” isn’t really that clear to most people I encounter. I find it simple yet complicated to explain! Perhaps doing a vlog about it would be more proper? I’ll definitely work on that if anyone’s interested!

Basically, I upload videos on Youtube every single day. May it be a makeup tutorial, a haul, a vlog or whatever, I do it everyday. That’s how dedicated and passionate I am. I find my job really fulfilling and fun. In connection to that, I have my blog wherein I post about the beauty videos that I do on my channel! It is where I post in-depth reviews with loads of photos and much more information about whatever it is that I featured in a particular video.

My work entails a WHOLE LOT of things. Filming all night long, vlogging, editing, shooting, etc… I invest in a lot of good lighting, cameras, equipment, and probably one of the most important tools that I NEED is HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION. Oh my goodness, I have gone through so much angry fits over intermittent internet connections & week-long disconnections with the brand that we are using now. I may have actually tweeted them angrily a few times. That’s how much I value internet connection.

I have been looking for potential broadband services that I can switch to. It is no doubt that we have a couple of broadband packages to choose from. They all offer different types of broadband services at different price ranges! Ahh…if only I could afford the HIGHEST internet speed service! Perhaps in a few more years.


Among all the brands, Sky particularly caught my attention. I hopped over to their site and found this http://www.mysky.com.ph/locations/loc/3/manila/plans. I totally skipped the “CONSUMABLE” tab since I need if not ‘ultra high speed’, then unlimited services!!!

On the “ultra high speed tab”, they have this Plan 24Mbps (download up to 24mbps, upload up to 2mbps) with a monthly fee of PHP 9,999.00 I was thinking I could get this, although I should get something a little less since that amount per month for me is a little bit much (I am talking about money out of my own pockets, by the way, not my parents!) So then I browsed a little bit more finding one of the newest plans which is Plan 10mbps. This plan can enable me to download up to 10mbps, and upload up to 1mbps…and the best part??? Only PHP3,999 per month!!! Now that’s something I can afford!!! This plan also offers a free SkyCable 499 subscription (although I don’t give much care for that, I’m all after the internet!!!)

I think this plan suits me the best because of the services and the price. I can pretty much live with this plan for a couple of years until I can finally afford something faster.

Whew. Talking about techy stuff always makes my head ache. Haha!

Ending this post by asking what plan are YOU subscribed to right now or perhaps what service are you using? It would be a lot of help if you can give me tips! I would LOVE to know!

See you guys in my next post/videos!


  1. Congratulations in advance Say. Ako I'm using Sky din for my online job (not a vlogger nor a blogger) but it also needs high and more importantly, CONSISTENT internet connection. I was w/ Globe for more than 2 years and simula palang headache na ako. Ang hirap kasi nang service nila na puro agent lang kausap mo.
    So then when my online job was producing stable salary nah.. I switched to sky. I'm just using nga their 1.5mbps eh w/ wifi nah. At first headache din kasi super intermittent and slow yong connection. Good thing our techs here are local and mabait. Everyday sila pumunta dito sa bahay for like 2 weeks until they decided to change my modem because feeling nila yon ang prob. After changing my modem?? TANAN!! very consistent na net ko. Sometimes ang dami namin nasa wifi like Papa ko, BF and me tas ako nag do-download pa nang movie sa torrent pero go lang nang go ang sky (ay, sa globe pala ang slogan na yan). :) Anyways, I'm just sharing kasi in case you might encounter an issue na intermittent connection w/ them and lahat na nang troubleshooting nagawa nah, at least you'll have an idea to ask them about your modem. :) Keep up the good work Say and itaguyod mo ang non-traditional na work natin (online). :) God bless and congratulations. :)

  2. This plan rocks, Say!! I watch vlogs and tutorials on YT without buffering and take note.. HD!! Go get it na!:)

  3. We are using high speed PLDT DSL + Wifi since then and since working from home so I can't comment much about high speed broadband plans but I hope you'll find Sky viable and perfect for your needs! :)

  4. This is such a great post say!
    and also congratulation..

    Well i'm currently using the Plan called bundle plan from PLDT its 1299peso with telephone and a wifi modem. Which is okay.. But i don't recommend this plan for a youtuber but for blogger only:D

  5. Hey Say, this post really got my attention. All I can say "kudos to you!" You've already made your break in youtube-land and even though some people may not get it yet, on your own you are already popular...:) keep on being down to earth..:)

  6. Ate Say, i'm using PLDT bundle plan, kasama na siya sa phone line :D I can upload 15 minute videos to Youtube in an hour or so. The longest is 2 hours, which is not bad for me. :)

    More success :*

  7. I live in Iloilo and "high speed internet connection" here is not as high speed in Manila. :( I am using Globe Broadband at 1200 per month...okay did...I do have a youtube channel and it will take around 2 to 3 hours to upload a 5min video..hahaa..super tagal!! Haha!! I am also a homebased tutor so super need ko talaga ng high speed internet.... eto ba yung optic fiber? They use this in Japan and super high speed daw talaga!!Congratz pala say! you deserve everything you have!!more power :)


  8. Just don't get Bayan DSL. Puro inis at sakit sa ulo lang ang nadulot ng BayanDSL sa akin lalo na nung I was working online rin. Maya't-maya nagdidisconnect, and wala masyadong nagagawa ang customer service and techs. They seem to not know what they're doing pag nagttroubleshoot sila dito kasi bumabalik at bumabalik lang yung problem. I'm looking for better options too dahil I'm fed up na with our connection. Planning to get Sky since we already have Sky cable, and naappreaciate ko ang service ng Sky (at least sa cable). We rarely need to contact their customer service kasi wala naman kaming reklamo. I hope their internet service is just as good. Let us know what you end up choosing kasi we're looking din for a new provider :)

    Congratulations on your graduation, by the way! :)

    - Aya (@CodenameAYA)

  9. congrats miss Say., I watch your blogs everyday and I enjoy it soo much. I'm glad that you will be doing it full time now., I can't wait for more vlogs and blogs.


  10. go for pldt mydsl they also have 10mbps connection

  11. Hi say!im now using smartbro 1k plan. I've been using this for a year now..
    so far im satisfied user and take note 5kami gumagmit here sa bahay using wifi. I dont know if the speed also depends sa location mo.

  12. hi say.. definitely amongst others "Sky" is a better option for internet connection.. however, keep in mind that it will also have its frequent downtime as months will pass by.. you just have to inform call them religiously if this thing happens. lol. apart from it, sky is really reliable especially you always upload HD videos.. hope that helps.

  13. i rarely comment but this really caught my attention. we are currently using sky broadband, my husband is working online and also rely on a consistent connection which unfortunately ay hindi pa yata kayang iprovide ng sky, isa lng ang pc sa bahay, no wifi or whatever and considering nagwowork sa loob ng sky auntie ng husband ko pero wala sila magawa coz they dont seem to know what they're doing, lagi namin ikinocomplain at pinapacheck pinalitan na din ang modem before pero walang nangyari kung hindi super slow connection, no connection at all..puro short term lang ang solution nila lagi pa silang may cut fiber..sa tingin ko hindi pa sila talaga ganung kastable..first choice pa naman namin sila kasi nga dun nagwowork auntie ng husband ko..kaya sa ngayon we are planning to have it disconnected and we're searching for a more reliable connection, we are thinking pldt cguro, the point of this comment is kailangan tlga magresearch lalo na kung nakadepende sa connection ang work mo kundi sakit sa ulo.