Saturday, December 1, 2012

Noel Bazaar Ticket Winners

I’ve been to the Noel Bazaar yesterday and it was awesome! I shopped till I dropped! I held a giveaway about a few weeks ago of 10 free tickets to the bazaar courtesy of Noel Bazaar organizers.


Congratulations to the (10) lucky winners of the Noel Bazaar Ticket Giveaway!

Here’s the official list:

  1. Victor John Eaton
  2. Cathie Alacapa
  3. Vivian Pastoril
  4. Michelle Chan
  5. Shiela Cueno
  6. Lovelle Marie Role
  7. JB Barro
  8. Lorraine Nichole Cuenco
  9. Niña Marie Vismonte
  10. Rhazel Cascante


Winners may claim their prizes on:

WHEN: December 2-3

WHERE: SuperSale Bazaar Entrance (I’ll personally meet you there)

To all the winners, please send me a message via mobile 09156218309 of the date and time you’ll be picking up your tickets.

(Important: text me ahead of time on December 3 since I’ll be out for lunch)

1 comment:

  1. ^_^ ang galing naman po na meet ka na po ng bf ko na si Victor John Eaton hahaha! honestly hindi niya po alam na isinali ko xa sa Giveaway nato po :D saka pa niya nalaman nong nanalo na xa hehehehe!!! God bless Miss Say.. :)