Friday, September 7, 2012

Partnership with Lazada + Awesome News!


“When it rains, it pours!”

Another amazing news to share to all my readers! I have sealed partnership with the awesome!

Do you remember the time I ordered my Wet N Wild lipsticks from them? It was my very first time to do so, and boy, they did NOT disappoint me! Go ahead and click on that link to know more about my experience!

I am very happy to be onboard with Lazada!

We will be bringing WEEKLY HAPPINESS to all my readers and YouTube subscribers! Stay tuned! We are working on it and will be launching this awesome weekly “project” VERY VERY SOON!

Browse Lazada’s beauty section here:

Love, Say


  1. ooohhhh you have so much stuff up for us! horray! :)

  2. I love it Say! So happy for you!

  3. Wow!! Can't wait!! Thanks Say! Keep on shining! :)

  4. Wow!! Can't wait! Thanks Say. Keep on shining ;)

  5. can't wait! and congrats! sayang we weren't able to meet nung cosmetic expo :( I hope there will be a next time :)

  6. weekly giveaways??? wow!! this is gonna be exciting <3