Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Makeup by Toni HOPE Series Brush Review


Hi everyone!

Here’s my review on the Makeup by Toni Hope Series Brushes.

If you watched this vlog:

You would know the story behind these brushes! I met Toni and Rafael when they came to the Philippines (they are Filipinos based in Singapore) and I am really glad to have found new friendship in them. They are the sweetest couple ever! Toni is a freelance makeup artist just like myself! Watch the vlog to get a peek of what’s in her bag (as well as Rafael’s)

The main reason why Toni and I met up is because she wanted to introduce her very own set of brushes to me. Upon seeing them and touching them, I was really impressed. It was like love at first sight. Yes, I did get it for free, but everything I’m about to tell you is 100% honest. Toni was kind enough to give me one set to try out for myself.

I did a First Look blog post on the brushes here:


Obviously, that post is not enough. I test-drove each brush until I reached abusive-level. I featured the brushes in numerous makeup tutorials and got a lot of feedback. People wanted me to compare it to Sigma, Charm, Beauty Cosmetics…etc.

I can only compare the Hope Brushes with brushes that I own. (Which is Sigma and Beauty Cosmetics)

Full on honest opinions:

  • The MBT Hope Brushes are Sigma dupes. (You gotta watch the video review below to see why)
  • The MBT Hope Brushes are more high quality compared to Beauty Cosmetics (BC’s handles and ferrules are a bit flimsy—don’t get me wrong, though! BC brushes are good enough for starters. I believe I compared it to Sigma before. In THIS video, actually. I love the Synthetic Kit of Beauty Cosmetics. That’s the one I highly recommend. They have SUPER SOFT BRISTLES, I tell ya.)
  • I don’t own Charm brushes, so, I can’t compare.
  • The MBT Hope Brushes come with the EXACT same types of brushes from the Sigma Essential Kit [any 12-piece kit from Sigma, i.e. Mr. Bunny]

Why I love MBT Hope Series Brushes:

  • I got it for free (come on now, I won’t be a hypocrite about that)
  • It’s very different. Navy blue brush holder, brush names imprinted on the brush handle (with the adorable signature heart symbol too!)
  • Super soft bristles
  • Sturdy handle—ferrule connection. They’re both stuck together pretty tight) No flimsiness
  • Complete set for beginners
  • Perfect Sigma Dupes!
  • Affordable at PHP 2,700.00 without shipping (A Sigma Mr. Bunny Set costs $109.00 without shipping, that’s approximately PHP 4,595.87)
  • High quality
  • Brushes are “made with love”
  • Honestly, these are the best brushes I’ve ever used (next to Sigma brushes) I won’t lie about that.

If you watch my review, you would know about the ongoing promo! I hope you still catch it though. MBT is offering FREE SHIPPING. You just need to be able to pick up the brushes yourself at Mall of Asia (on a certain date) Please watch the video and read the info box for more information!

Even if you don’t catch the promo, you can still order the brushes!

Please contact MBT for more information https://www.facebook.com/MakeupbyToni

I also have ALL the information in the description box of the video. Enjoy!

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