Wednesday, August 8, 2012

ELF Eyebrow Kit (Demo)


Hello everyone!

Today looks like a better day! Here’s one of my latest makeup demo videos…all about the ELF Eyebrow Kit! I’ve been wanting to try out a legit brow kit for the longest time and was supposed to buy the one from in2it, unfortunately, it was unavailable at our local mall so I went ahead and tried out a cheaper one from ELF.

The Elf Eyebrow Kit is from the ELF Studio Line. It comes with a small, dual ended brush (angled brush & a fluffy end on the other side), a gel, and a brow powder.

I got the shade in Medium [Powder] as I thought it would match me the most. They do come in a shade lighter and a shade darker as well. This retailed for PHP 249.75

Since I found the brush included to be too flimsy, I used two of my E65 brushes from Sigma.

  • Started out with the gel to outline my brows. The gel does a great job giving a tint of color—faint, but visible, for outlining the brow shape with
  • Filled in my brows using medium powder

The finish looked really great to me. I’ve been wearing it to school for over 5 hours, and I do not find the need to retouch/re-fill in my brows. I’ve been hearing feedback about how powdery it is, but it really never bothered me at all.

This brow kit is definitely a good one! But I’ll be getting the one from in2it very soon and compare.

Watch this video for the demo:

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