Sunday, August 12, 2012

Ask Say Week 16 (Blogged)


Welcome to Ask Say Week 16!

1. What can you say about those people who keep on hating your videos?

I have nothing to say. :) Like I said in my last post, the more you entertain them, the more you feed their negative energy. So the best way is to ignore, ignore, ignore. Or better yet, block!!! :)

2. What is your plan after you graduate?

Oh, this has been asked in Ask Say Week 15!!! Anyway, my plan is to focus 100% on YouTube and blogging and perhaps freelancing as a hair stylist and makeup artist. Majoring in marketing is equipping me with all the skills I need. Attending makeup school is also not out of the question.

3. Hi Say! Aside from the Oil Eliminator, what other products do you recommend for oily skin? I bought the James cooper foundation, even though I have oily skin! LOL! Loveyou!

Try the 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder! Or Maybelline pressed powders. Love you back!

4. anong bgay ung wla k..n gystong gusto mong mgkaron?

I’m contented with what I have right now. The other things will come at the right time.

5. hi ms say what is your weight before starting your diet and your current weight now how long does it takes to achieve that weight ??

My heaviest weight is 170, lightest is 130. It took me about 1.5 years.

6. Hi ms. say what pressed powder do you recommend for combination to oily skin? / what's your fave pressed powder?

Try the 4U2 Lovelight BB Powder. And pressed powders from Maybelline. I have a lot of favorites. Haha!

7. what are your favourite eyeshadow colours ?

A perfect matte black eyeshadow and purple ones. And eyeshadows with sparkles!

8. Anong waist line at weight mo na ms say. I love u so much! Adik na ako sayo! :)

Hahaha! 27” the last time I checked

9. is it ok to use t0nym0ly baby dol bb cream in oily acne pr0ne skin?hnd po b xa natu2naw pg mainit haha,im currently using po missha perfct cover b.b cream tnx ms say

I wouldn’t recommend it because it gives a really dewy finish, you may look even more oily after a few hours.

10. Rich ka po ba ? LOL! :))


11. why dont u use deo?ur amazing! hahaha! :) when na ung lunch date natin?hahaha love u!♥

Hahaha, I don’t know. I just don’t! I’ve never used deodorant. Oh I’ll see pa, my schedule’s kinda crazzzzy!

12. When will be your next meet and greet?!?

Organizing it right now. :) Soon! My second Meet in Greet in Cebu will be this coming October.

13. what do you think is your best asset and y?

I don’t really know… Maybe my nose.

14. how do you organize -- do you keep a planner? a notebook? a calendar? utilize your phone? :D

Planner all the way. I’ve been using planners for 6 years now. I write everything down.

15. what's the secret to being a successful youtube makeup guru :) idol na kita since nag start ka sa youtube world :3

The secret is to never stop chasing your dream. Keep doing what you love because eventually you will get something AMAZING out of it. Never stop! And never listen to other people (discouragements and the likes) You only need to trust yourself. And the people who believe in you.

16. are u aware of ur haters? especially ung sa radiant look video mo? :'(

I am! Although I don’t want to put them in the spotlight by talking about them. ;)

17. Ano mas gusto mo? 4u2 or maybelline compact foundi? thanks!

I love both. But money-wise, I‘d prefer the first one. It’s amazing. Although the latter one lasts much longer (in terms of amount)

18. How can you make a relationship last? Describe it in one word.. :)

Trusting and being 100% open to one another.

19. What are your top 5 fave iphone apps? :)

I’m not really into too many apps! But I love my Gymboss Timer (for working out) Nike Running, Instagram…oh wow I guess that’s it.

20. Can you give us your advice on how to lose weight?

Losing weight varies from person to person. In my case, I stay away from rice. I don’t eat rice at all. Substitute it with oatmeal. Start juicing! Eat more greens. And move that butt!!! for awesome workouts!!!

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