Saturday, August 11, 2012

Ask Say Anything Week 15 (Blogged!)


Hi everyone!

We’re back for another session of Ask Say! I decided to continue on with the numbering branching out from my Ask Say videos in my YouTube channel, so, we are currently on our 15th episode!

In case you want to look back on those old videos, here’s the playlist.

Okay, let’s get on with it! Only 20 questions will be answered today, no more no less!

1. Favorite Artist/Band??

Can’t really think of any right now. I love Karmin, though! And I listen to a lot of music, but I’m not passionate enough to remember all of them.

2. Any tips on how to remove acne scar?

I’m currently undergoing my Personal Microderm treatment, and one of its features is removing scars. I have yet to put up my review about it. What I can recommend is using Terramycin to treat acne TO PREVENT scars. My family has been using Terramycin for years. It’s an antibacterial ointment perfect for pimples. It can be bought over the counter. You might want to try getting facials, too! I’m sure facial salons would be able to recommend a treatment that would answer your problem.

3. San po kayo natuto mag make up?

I learned everything online. :)

4. What Foundation would you like to recommend? Thanks!

It really depends on what skin type you have.

5. Fave make up brand??

I have a lot of favorites!!!

6. What's the best long lasting foundation for oily skin?

Any foundation has the potential to last long as long as you 1) use a good facial primer 2) set it with a makeup sealer. You may want to try using Revlon Colorstay for the foundation.

7. ano po magandang concealer? combination ung skin ko. wala na kasi ung sa ever belena na mousse concealer eh.

I love Ben Nye’s Conceal All Wheel from! It’s long lasting. And it covers up all imperfections PERFECTLY.

8. top 5 local makeup brands for you?

Fanny Serrano, Ever Bilena, Nichido, and I guess the rest are not local anymore

9. are you a self taught MUA or have you gone to small workshops? if yes where?

I’m self-taught. :)

10. ano po lotion niyo for body?

I love Bath & Body Works’ DARK KISS moisture body cream

11. Are you ABS or GMA?! & WHos your fave actress/singer/actor/youtube guru?! :DD love yoouu ate !

ABS. Hahahah I can’t think of any favorites right now. But for the YT Guru, I’ve been so hooked to Tanya Burr lately! :) Love you back!

12. Where would you like to travel ? Greece or Paris ? or somewhere else and why ? :)

Greece is #1 on my list. But I’ll probably visit Singapore and HK first. And then I’ll conquer the world. Haha! Why? Well, it’s one of my lifelong dreams! To be able to travel the whole world!

13. With success comes haters, right? How do you deal with them?

When I was starting out, I was incredible affected by all the nasty things they say about me. BUT after over 2 years of being out in YouTube, I learned how NOT to deal with them. Dealing with them means feeding their energy, and I don’t want to give that to them. This is the main reason why some people get blocked. It’s the easiest way to deal with haters. And I don’t want to let negative energy into my life so I get rid of them quickly.

14. What's your top 5 favorite makeup brand?

Off the top of my head: Urban Decay, MAC, Lancome, Maybelline, Ben Nye (5 na ba? I still have a lot of favorites to add!)

15. What are your plans after college?

Work full on with YouTube & blogging. I think majoring in Marketing is equipping me enough to take on more challenge in my chosen “fields”

16. What are your TOP 5 FAVORITE MAKE UP BRAND?

I already answered this. (Go to question #14)

17. best concealer ever for you

Ben Nye Conceal All Wheel NK-1/SK-1 from

18. favorite food? Do you like eating sweets?

I love…hmmm…Thai food. And I only like eating sweets when I’m PMS-ing

19. Best foundation to acne/oily skin type

I think you should ask gurus with oily skin type! But I think you can try using Revlon Colorstay or Maybelline’s Aqua Gel Foundation.

20. Give us one cosmetic that you cannot live without :)

You mean one cosmetic product? That would have to be…eyeliner. I love eyeliner.

Because I appreciate my readers so much, let’s answer 5 additional questions (randomly chosen)

1. everyone said that you copied judy. is it true?

There’s really no point in explaining since Judy knows all about it! I’ve personally told her about everything. And her response? “No worries Say!!!!!! :) Keep doing your thang!!” *If some of you don’t know, I have been so lucky to be able to spend time with Judy, Benji and their family when they went back to the Philippines a few months back. Check out the vlogs here!* Here’s the thing: some people appreciate that I do first impression videos IN THE PHILIPPINE SETTING, and some don’t. Simply put! So the best solution to this is: don’t watch my first impression videos if you don’t like them. :)

2. when you vlog like in taxi, do you ask permission or just do your thing?

I only say “Kuya magvivideo lang ako ha, wag niyo ako pansinin.” Hahahaha!

3. do you still eat rice? if yes, how often and the quantity..

I don’t. I easily get fat if I eat rice. :) Substitute it with oatmeal!

4.  what moisturizer/cream did you use before putting make up?

Neutrogena Hydroboost Watergel 830.00 (Watsons) the best moisturizer ever! And I also switch it up and use my Lancome Blanc expert Hydrating Emulsion

5. What is your favorite lipstick brand?

I have a lot!!!!!!!!!

We’re seriously stopping now!!! Thank you for sending in questions! Till our 16th session!

STAY TUNED AT for the collection of questions for Ask Say Week 16!


  1. how can i send my question for this? do i need to email or comment on facebook? thanks! :) my question is what is beauty blender the sponge that you used and its kinda expensive..

    1. STAY TUNED AT for the collection of questions for Ask Say Week 16!

  2. yay! nakasama yung question ko. I'm so happy. :D

  3. i have super oily skin! what i do is use Revlon Colorstay for oily/combi skin and set it with Revlon finishing powder (the finish will be very matte) lasts up to 4hours max, nag-o-oily ung skin ko but not that would look like i have glowing/dewy skin which is ok lng sa akin..i didn't like the maybelline aqua gel foundation kasi nag oily kaagad face ko within 1 hour lng..=(

    1. Thanks for this post. I also have the same skin type as yours. I will be purchasing the Revlon Colorstay soon. Thanks again! :)

  4. hi ms say :) what is your current weight sa mga video mo kasi this past weeks parang payat kna po :)

  5. hi ms say what is your current weight ?? parang sa mga video mo now payat mo na po :) how long does it take ??

  6. I love this post! I love learning more & more about you! I love your vids & blogs Say!

  7. I don't get why people say you copied Judy. It's not like a "First Impression" video is something out of this world. It's quite a common type of video. I'm pretty sure other people have done it before too. I really like both yours and Judy's videos. I find them very helpful.

  8. #13's my question. Thanks so much for answering! Yes, that's a great way to deal with haters.