Friday, August 10, 2012

Ask Say Anything Week 14 (Blogged!)

Hello everyone!


I’ve been doing a lot of videos for my Ask Say segments but somehow I cannot find any extra time to do them anymore so I decided to convert my Ask Say segment into blog posts!

If ever you want to watch the series of Ask Say’s that I have done in the past, here’s the playlist on my YouTube Channel.

Today is August 10, 2012 and I’ve opened the very first Ask Say blogging session! First 20 questions (I might allow more than 20 since this is our first round) will be answered, as promised. (I post a status message on Facebook every once in a while to gather questions, so if you didn’t make it in this one, watch out for the next!)

1. Sponge or brush when applying foundation?

I prefer using a brush to apply my foundation with an exception to powder foundation (which I apply using a sponge)

2. What is your workout routine?

I do different types of workout, most of them from (I currently have 3 workout videos up in my YT channel featuring my favorite 600 Reps workout) Extremely amazing session. You will sweat like a pig. Nowadays I focus on my abs using a kettlebell while doing some Hip Hop Abs moves. It’s difficult to explain as I switch up my routine to avoid getting bored. I’ll be back with my workout videos very soon!

3. who is your first boyfriend/who is your first crush?

First serious boyfriend is Paulo (whom I’ve been together with for 4 years now) and first crush? Haha I don’t know. Probably some kid back in prepschool.

4. Say, im thinking of buying the James cooper cream foundation, is it ok ba? and also, what makeup would u suggest to hide freckles. Thanks :)

The James Cooper Foundation is cream based, so if you have oily skin type, you need to use a good setting powder to avoid shine throughout the day. It gives AHHHHHMAZING coverage which I think you’ll love. You don’t even have to use concealer anymore. And it’s also the answer to your second question :)

5. what's your top 5 lipstick brand and shade?

You mean my favorite? Okay, top 5, off the top of my head: (oh shucks this is difficult—I like them all)

    1. MAC REBEL
    2. MAC Russian Red
    3. Revlon Pink About It
    4. Wet N Wild Think Pink
    5. Lancome Rouge in Love 132

6. make up by tony brushes or beauty cosmetics brushes?

Makeup by Toni Brushes are incredibly comparable to Sigma brushes (I’ll put up my review within next week and you’ll see why) I love Beauty Cosmetics’ Synthethic brush set (I believe I also said how it’s similar to Sigma) Both brands have qualities that I like.

7. Who is ur favorite actress?

Hahaha parang slum book ah! I don’t really know. I think Angelina Jolie?

8. what liquid foundation are you using? And what shade of Revlon Colorstay is best for morena skintone?

I think we can consider the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation a liquid foundation (although I’m running out already) with regards to your shade, I’d advice you to go to the counter and test it on your jawline to see which shade fits you well. I cannot recommend a particular shade since I haven’t seen your skin shade in person.

9. what shampoo would you recommend for stubborn dry or frizzy hair? yung hindi commercial type

My sister suffers from this problem, and she told me conditioning your hair would do the trick. I  would recommend Lorys Hair Cream! Have you heard about it? You will LOVE it, darling. They have special kinds for different types of hair need!

10. What is your hair care routine ate? :)

I shampoo everyday. With whatever shampoo is available. But I don’t use Head and Shoulders because it gives me dandruff (how ironic, huh?)

11. What is ur most favorite foundation ?:)

Oh wow. You know I used the Maybelline Aqua Gel Foundation for YEARRRS! Until I discovered other brands. I love the James Cooper Cream Foundation. And the Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation. (Oh no… I gave waaay too many answers)

12. Deodrant/perfume or shampoo/showergel

I don’t use deodorant :) Perfume: my favorite is Zen Zest’s BLUSH (I’ve been using it since 4th year high school) Shampoo: Palmolive (those shampoo & conditioner in 1), shower gel: most recent one I’ve tried is the one from 4U2 (Strawberry)

13. Ate say since ilan taon ka pa nag collect ng makeup ?

2010 :)

14. favorite beauty guru :)

I love a lot of beauty gurus! Itsjudytime (of course) I’ve been loving TanyaBurr recently. And a lot lot more.

15. what are your affordable finds for cosmetics and skin care?

Affordable finds… 4U2 Cosmetics Lovelight BB Powder 194.00 (amazing product) and as for skincare…I haven’t found anything “incredibly amazing” yet cheap.

16. Where did you buy ur ben nye concealer and hm po? Thanks :)

You can buy it from! The price is there! Browse their products tab :)

17. what's ur fav brand of make up?

This is a tough question because I love a heck LOT of makeup brands. Lancome, Urban Decay, Ben Nye…etc

18. Can you recommend a good local brand smudge proof lipstick?

Local brand? Hmm I haven’t seen any from our local brands. But you can try Revlon Infallible lipstick. Or James Cooper’s Lipgloss (video about it here)

19. anong fud ang d u knakain.

I don’t eat isaw, betamax, and all the other street food which came from the inside of animals. Oh and I don’t eat balut!!!

20. does you tubing gives you good earning???

It depends on a lot of factors :)

21. How do you organize your makeup ?

I have my traincase from suesh to store them all in, and I have several containers on my desk and other storage areas :) I should do a makeup organization video soon!!

22. can you recommend a good drugstore mascara? :)

Oh I love the mascaras from Maybelline. You should try CoverGirl too!

23. What's your hair color? :)

All about my hair color here (check the info box for the blog post too)

24. most embarrassing moment.. haha =))

This happened recently! I walked THROUGH A GLASS DOOR!!! Nakakahiya! I thought it only happened in movies. But yeah I have the same reason. The door looked sooooo clean!

25. what was your 1st makeup gig? =)

It was for Achi Mariel (a good friend of mine) we’re from different schools but we had the same volleyball coach so we used to train together :) Back in 2010 pa yun!

26. hi ms. say! anong ginagamit mong eye solution? lagi kc namumula mata ko kapag nagsusuot ng contact lense.. :/

My sisters and I use the “New Look” solution which can be bought from our eye doctor. Be careful dear, make sure you get your lenses from trusted companies!

27. ate say what is the color of your hair and do you think it is still good for the person that are not too maputi nor too maitim yung skin ?

All about my hair color here (check the info box for the blog post too) If you visit Hair Philosophie, they will be the ones to determine the color for you! They know how to do that because they were trained :) I’m not too good with matching skin tone with hair color.

28. Hello ms. say i really love your mac rebel lipstick but can't afford to buy that one... could you recommend me some cheaper brand that's closer to that shade.. thank you.. :)

Wet N Wild’s SUGAR PLUM FAIRY!!! Check out (they sell more affordable ones compared to department stores)

29. What are your tips to get more subscribers? i'm making videos for almost half a year now but still dont have that much of subscribers... :(

I used to have no subscribers. Just keep on going, dear. Nothing comes easy!!! Just do what you love doing! The next thing you know you already have 1,000! Or 2,000, or 1,000,000! Also, upgrading your videos would do you a lot of good! I used to only film with a regular camera, but I invested in an HD camcorder to be able to give better quality videos. Just do it step by step. Never stop!!!

30. hi... just want to ask.. what make up primer is applicable to my skin tone.. im not morena,but im not mestisa.. its primer blends on the user skin tone?.. im looking for cheaper cost sna.. and also,i'am combination of dry & oily skin..thanks ms.say.. so love your vlogs.. keep pretty as always..

Face primer or eye primer? There are a lot of good primers from Tony Moly! They don’t really have any color :) You can also try the one from ELF if you’re on a budget! :) But if you wanna splurge, I’d suggest the Tony Moly Expert Smoothing Primer. 900++

31. Daddy’s girl ka ba?

No. :) Neither am I a Mama’s girl. I have equal relationship with my parents.

We’re finally done! Thank you for sending in your questions!!! Till the next Ask Say!


  1. wow you answered a lot! interesting answers say! i've been wondering about your favorite brush set! i think you have a lot!

  2. *I also do hip hop abs.. Grabeh, kakapawis talaga..
    *I love Tanya Burr too!!! ;))

    I love reading you blogs & watching your vlogs!!! more more more!! ;))

  3. Saya nman ng Q&A portion dito. Say, have you watched my video?

  4. Say, have you watched my video? I love this Q&A portion.

  5. wow,thanks ms.say for answering my question.. im asking for face primer.. will do visit elf for primer.. thanks.. <3

  6. Thanks for answering my question, Ms. Say! Hope you do another one! =)