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Ask Say #18


Hello everyone!

Welcome to the 18th Ask Say segment! We’re really doing this segment everyday, aren’t we? I hope you’re enjoying as much as I am. If there’s one thing I don’t want to lose [no matter how busy I get]—it’s the connection I have with my readers and subscribers. :)

Now let’s answer these questions…

1. Any beauty tips?

Sleep a lot, drink plenty of water, eat fresh food, workout daily, and do your skincare routine religiously!

2. What local brands do you like?

I like Nichido’s eye pencils, and a couple of Fanny Serrano’s products (2 Way Cake, liners…etc)

3. Do you still use Krave products? What in particular?

Yes! I still have a couple of Oil Eliminator and Skin Hydrator + mineral eyeshadows in my traincase. Plus their amazing blushes, and skin care products too (Cupine Aloepa which is my absolute favorite—it’s a facial wash AND a makeup remover in one! I’ve already used 3 bottles!

4. Say diba chinese kayo? Nag ccelebrate din ba kayo ng chinese new year?

Yes! My Mama’s 100% Chinese, so our family is 50/50. We do celebrate Chinese NY!

5. Best lip balm u have tried?

Dermstore Lip Quench (sent to me by a subscriber from abroad)

6. why are you so pretty?!

Awww thank you so much for the compliment!!!

7. what is ur fav. workout?

600 Reps Workout by Body Rock TV (Googable)

8. what is your fave ever bilena product?

Has got to be their cream eyeshadows!

9. if you were to visit other countries for vacation, which ones!?

Oh wow! I’d love to travel all around the globe! But I think my top 3 would be Singapore, HongKong, and UK!

10. hi say! ;) you see i have small eyes, how can I make my eyes pop using make-up?

Line your eyes!! It defines the shape more!

11.  Full coverage po ba talga yung Lancome Teint Miracle Powder Foundation? It can cover acne scars, dark spots, blemishes, active break-outs, dark circles and other imperfections? Same din po sa Liquid foundation?

I have my review on this foundation up already. Click here!

12. what’s the best false eyelash adhesive would you prefer to use?

LASH GRIP! 195.00 Beauty Bar (nothing tops it)

13. anong magandang make up brushes and affordble:)

Try Marionnaud brushes from Watsons—they’re really good quality, and I think the price is reasonable. When it comes to high quality brushes, you have to be ready to shell out a little bit more money! You get your money’s worth after all :)

14. any local brand you use for concealing?

Oh, I don’t use any from local brands.

15. what's your fave ELF products?

Hands down, ELF Blush in SHY!

16. would you consider the Hope series makeup brushes of Makeup by Toni, to be at par with that of the Sigma brushes?

My comparison video will be up TOMORROW!!

17. favorite food? :)

RAMMMMEON!!!! (I miss it so much!!!)

18. Paano ko malalaman kung ano foundation shade ang pde skin?

This link will be helpful—click me!

19. what’s your night before bed routine?

You mean skincare? I cleanse using my African Black Soap OR my Neutrogena Pink Grapefruit Cleanser, and then moisturize using my Lancome Blanc Expert Hydrating Emulsion (current) I’ll be putting my skin care routine up in my channel soon!

20. hope you can do a timeline blog post of your transformation from 170 lbs to 130 lbs :) like in photos ! pang-motivation lang :)

I don’t think I can find any more photos of me when I was fat. It’s hidden under piles of CD’s!!! But I’ll try to!!

21. Skin care routine?

Will do it soon!

22. name me 3 things u cant live without n why ♥

My phone, my planner, and internet! (and my videocam, and camera) lol! Life of a Youtuber!

23. Anung magandang brand pangkilay at anu ang magandang eyeliner?

Try in2it’s brow kit (although it’s sold out in most branches) and the Lasting Drama Gel Liner from Maybelline is really good!

24. What is the difference of Ben Nye and Lulu concealer in terms of texture, coverage, consistency, lasting e.tc.? (Besides sa wheel yung Ben Nye)

Oh wow, I think this calls for another comparison video! But, one thing I can tell you is, I like Ben Nye’s more. Will work on the video soon!

25. hey ate say :) anuh poh bang mgandang face powder pra sa kagayang kong 14 years old ? hihi..

Hello darling. Gamit ka ng 4U2 Cosmetics Lovelight BB Powder!

26. how did you lose weight?

I stopped eating rice, worked out everyday, eat more healthily!

27. Ate Say, Anu po yung marerecommend niyo na masarap i-try na food sa Hanayo? :)

OMGGGG!!! RAMEON ALL THE WAY BABY! Haha! And my friends love Omu Rice and Bibimbap!

28. Anu ano pong makeup ang ginagamit mo everyday?

Oh gosh, I alternate using different products everyday! But if you follow me on Twitter, I usually tweet photos of the makeup that I use on a particular day. I posted one earlier!

29. anong drugstore makeup gingamit mo?

Maybelline, Wet N Wild, ELF…etc

30. what's the best sigma brush set you've tried so far and would highly recommend? :)

Definitely the Mr. Bunny Essential Kit (for regular use) and the Synthetic Kabuki Kit is awesomeballs (that did NOT sound right…I think I should have said amazeballs instead)

31. how do you do ur quick make up?less than 5mins tops :)

I do my foundation, brows, line my eyes with black eyeshadow, blush, lip balm. BAM!

32. Tony moly bb doll,jazzy cream,or colorstay foundation?

Ay nako. I’m torn between the first two! But I love James Cooper—it’s the BEST (for my skin)

33. ATE SAY! I HOPE UMABOT AKO, Are you ABS CBN OR GMA?! & whos your fave artist and singer from the Philippines? loveeelots ♥

ABS! Haha this question has been asked in my previous Ask Say!!! Anyway I don’t have particular favorites.

34. Hi ms.say paano mo po ba pipiliin yung right shade sa skintone mo kapag bibili ka po ng foundation,concealer and powder online?

Buying makeup products which have something to do with your skintone online is the riskiest thing you can do. Sometimes you guess! Or make tancha! It’s better if you find them in malls and try them out before ordering online. That is, if they’re available in malls.

35. what is your super duper mega over favorite Food?

I answered this already!! Rameon. Super spicy rameon.

36. Totoo ba ung mga mac and clinique foundations na binebenta sa mga tiangge kasi its cheaper.

NO WAY. Those are 100% FAKE!!!!!!! Authentic products from pretigious brands will NEVER be sold in tiangges. Be careful! You don’t want allergies, do you?

37. Anung type ng foundation at concealer ang magmatch sa oily skin?

I found this online, perhaps it can help you out—click me!

38. Ben Nye NK1 or SK1?

I’ll have my comparison video up on both concealer VERY soon. I hope you can wait!

39. Ano po pwede ilagay sa super dry lips

Try Vaseline’s Lip Therapy! 75.00 Watsons!

That’s it for Ask Say 18, guys! Thank you so much for sending in your queries! Till the next one!

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