Monday, August 13, 2012

Ask Say #17


Hi everyone!

How are you today? I realized how wrong it is to continue with the “Ask Say Week ___” title as we are doing this segment almost everyday! So from now on it’s going to be numbers. We are now on Ask Say #17!

Let’s dive into the questions, shall we?

1. Hi! wat ang pinakamagandang pink shade of lipstick?

Hello. It depends on what kind of pink you want to wear! There are tons of shades of pink! I personally love Think Pink by Wet N Wild (Megalast)

2. Is it hard to vlog and edit and upload? As I see it you're a very busy woman.. ;))

It’s difficult [to vlog] if you’re uninspired/not in the mood. Filming & editing = takes a lot of energy & patience.

3. what advice can you tell to non pro make up artist or just beginners? :) ♥

Just keep going!!! Keep chasing that dream! And never stop.

 4. what's tour top 5 lipglosses

I’m not into glosses that much, but I like NYX’s Round Lip Gloss!

5. What local products do you recommend for e/s? And also brushes? Loveyou say!! Mwuah! :)

Blushes (Nichido and ELF—I love SHY by ELF) Eyeshadows, try Ever Bilena :) Love you back!

6. Do you still eat pork and beef now that you're on a diet, kasi nakikita ko sa vlog mo puro chicken or corn tuna. I lovee you ate Say! Sana mameet kita and mag dinner date tayo sa moa :)

I only eat chicken and tuna nowadays. Love you back! We’ll meet soon! (Meet & Greet)

7. How do you do make up for women in their 40's? :) ty so much! :)

Hi! I hope you can find tutorials on YouTube, as explaining it in here will be lengthy.

8. which is your fave foundation as of the moment? :)

Tony Moly Baby Doll BB Foundation

9. Best Foundation? Liquid or powder? Below P500. :) Thanks!

Best foundation for me: James Cooper Cream Foundation 550.00 (cream based) Your second question is confusing…are you asking me which I’d choose? Liquid or powder? I’d choose liquid.

10. At what age did you start using makeup? :)

2010, right out of high school, but I used to wear makeup during school plays back in elementary.

11. Best highlighter sa face?

Try the one from Benefit! (forgot the name, but I heard from my good friend Toni that it’s the best)

12. how do you manage your time between work, school ang making videos?

I keep a planner. And I just do everything. No complaining. No stopping.

13. What talent are you gonna do in the beauty pageant you joined? :)))

We still don’t know yet. Hahaha!

14. I love you, Say! Why did you choose Marketing? :) I'm a Marketing student too! :D

Love you back! I don’t know. It’s the one that fit me the best!

15. Hi!! What is your favorite Mac eyeshadow??


16. Which mascara u prefer most? :(

Maybelline mascaras!

17. Do you do hair and make up? And how much?

For business inquiries please send me an email

18. what's your fav. lipstick?

Is sigma F80 can be used in liquid foundation?

I have a lot of favorites!

19. brand of foundation best for oily/combination skin? thanks :)

Try Revlon Colorstay, then again it’s best to ask a guru with the said skin type

20. whats the best primer that you can recommeend? also, what, for you, is the best powder foundation that you can recommend, from local you want to pursue your make up career after you graduate? whos your style icon? how often do you shop for make up?.thanks. :)) (i was starstrucked when i saw you at lrt legarda station) heheh

I love the L’Oreal Base Magique Primer as well as the Tony Moly Expert Smoothing Primer. You are madaya, you have so many questions!!! Anyway, I love Lancome’s Maqui Blanc powder foundation, I think the only powder foundation (local brand) I know is the one from Fanny Serrano. I have answered your 3rd question in Ask Say 16, style icon = I don’t really have one! I don’t shop that often for makeup anymore. Oh wow, I hope I didn’t look awful that time. I wonder when that was.

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