Saturday, August 11, 2012

1 on 1 Makeup Tutorial


Hi everyone!

I have been getting a lot a lot of messages/emails for the past few months asking me to open 1 on 1 classes for makeup tutorials. I have thought about it for so long, so now I am posting this to inform anyone who is interested that I am now accepting clients who want 1 on 1 makeup tutorials with me!

I have minimized my makeup gigs by a huge amount since I’ve been concentrating so much on my YouTube videos & school work as well. But if you think about it, I have a few hours to spare everyday before school, so I thought, my not devote this free time into personal makeup classes?

That’s when it all began.

Just to clear this up, I am in no way a professional makeup artist nor am I claiming to be one. Albeit having over 2 years of experience in the Youtube world as well as beauty blogging makes me confident enough to impart knowledge from my own bag of beauty knowledge to my future students.

Makeup workshops are great, truly, they are. But I’ve read some of my subscribers’ messages saying that they want a teacher who can teach them personally. I guess it makes sense because I believe that direct 1 on 1 teaching can increase the learning ability of a student. Not just in terms of makeup! Even in Chinese, Math, Chemistry…etc (back then when I was still in high school) Don’t you agree? :)

Anyway, after all that introduction, yes, I am finally open for 1 on 1 makeup classes (and groups of 3 max)!

Two packages to choose from:

  1. 1 on 1 PHP 2,500.00/session (for 2 hours) [time slot: 9AM-11AM]
  2. Group of 2 or 3 max PHP 4,000/session (for 3 hours) save more! [time slot: 9AM-12NN]

*time slots are fixed as those are the only times I’m available

Both packages include the following:

  • Home service *within Metro Manila* I’ll personally be coming to your house/dorm where I can teach you in the comfort of your own home (Transportation fee already included the rate.)
  • Makeup to be used during the tutorial will be provided
  • FREE eyebrow shaping and grooming (while in the process of teaching you how to do it)
  • Daytime to Nighttime Makeup Look
  • Concealing and Foundation
  • Putting on False Lashes
  • Lining the Eyes
  • Contouring & Highlighting
  • Blush Application
  • Makeup discussion
  • Free product recommendations (skincare and cosmetics)
  • Be featured in a “Day in the Life of Say” vlog (to be uploaded in YouTube) *optional*
  • Be featured in my beauty blog

Considering my schedule, I’ll only be able to accommodate 1 person or group per day, so there will be no double appointments for a day.

Available days for the tutorial: MONDAYS, WEDNESDAYS, SATURDAYS

First come first serve basis.

Please email for bookings (include your name and contact number)

Looking forward to meet my future “students” soon!


  1. wow! nice idea say! although i've attended a makeup workshop given by a friend before I suppose a one on one lesson would be much more interesting. Hopefully this offer still stands when April comes in. I'm currently in Saudi you see. :)

  2. Wow!!! I want this. :( wish im im philippines.. i think its gonna be fun, makeup tutorial plus some quality time with you :)

  3. I'm interested.. but pano if outside Manila like from QC? ^^,

    1. QC is still inside Metro Manila darling :D

    2. sorry naman haha! :D I'll inform my friends about this for sure :)

  4. awww this is really a great opportunity to meet and great you :)

  5. this is so cool!!!! will inform my friends!

  6. Hello say.. The 1 on 1 package, that will be 2,500 per session?? so that is just good for 1 day? am I correct? thank you.

  7. Hello say.. question. The 1 on 1 package, is it only good for 1 session?

  8. Wow! I'm interested! :) I might contact you to be my teacher after the glaminar make up workshop! :) weee... I'm gonna have something else to save up on.. :)

  9. Sweet! Been looking for something like this, but too bad I'm from Cebu. :)

    1. Mel! Hahha. Felt the same way too. Didnt know i'd bump into you on say's blog. Lol. :))

    2. Hi Ryz!!! hehehe wow! good to see you here! let's fly to Manila someday to have one on one with Say. hehehehe :)

  10. How about an online 1 on 1 tutorial miss say? Wala ako sa pinas e :( hahaha

  11. naku sayang naman..nalate ng post ..paalis na ko ng time nalang..i hope pwede pa..:P Thanks say you know what I'm using jazzy cream foundation na din :D i like the full coverage as well..:)) more power and God Bless

  12. oo nga ako din im leaving nextweek sayang naman ngayon lang nagkaron ng ganyang class nalang abka pwede hehe..or baka pagbalik ko nalang. you know what i am using jazzy cream foundation as well. i like the full coverage din tama ka nga!! more power and God Bless :)

  13. just saw this post and sobrang natuwa naman ako, finally a 1 on 1 tutorial and we will get to spend time with you pa.. my daughter dae will be very happy! :) she wanted to meet you daw, plus she looks up to you even the food you order sa french baker gusto nya i-try! :D will fix my sked and have an appointment with you i also need to learn the basics! :)

  14. Awww di ko makita ung comment ko :(

  15. I think this is such a great idea! One downfall to make-up workshops is that people have different face shapes, eye shapes, mouth shapes, etc. so different things and techniques would work for each individual. 1 on 1 make-up tutorials helps the client learn about exactly what would enhance their faces the most. Good job Ate Say! I hope you're still doing this when I come back to PI to visit so I can book an appt :D

  16. Hi say! Just want to ask regarding the location. I am from batangas kasi but i go to manila naman from time to time. Would it be possible if i go to your location instead? I dont have a house kasi in manila. Thanks!

  17. Hi Say! Do you still do this one on one classes or do you prefer doing it by batch now? I'd like to have one on one po kasi sana para mas maturuan ako since I'm really clumsy with everything. Hope to hear from you soon!

  18. Hi Say! Was wondering if you still do one on one classes or do you prefer to do it by batch now? I was hoping kasi na baka pde ka pdn po sa one on one classes kasi mas mahirap ako turuan and I'm really clumsy when it comes to lining my eyes so I'm need of help. So yeah, was just wondering about this. If it's no longer possible, then I'll just wait for your upcoming make up workshops nlan. Hihi. Thanks~