Thursday, July 19, 2012

How to Put on Lashes (Tagalog Tutorial)

It is always too much fun to film makeup tutorial in the vernacular. In this new video, I gave tips on how to put on false lashes!


Watch the video here:

Products used in the video:

Tony Moly Lashes D/M (natural looking) + free lash glue PHP 88.00
Tony Moly Lashes XL (criss cross) + free lash glue PHP 88.00
Tony Moly Lash/Double Eyelid Glue with Fork PHP 178.00 (can be used as an eyelash glue and/or a double lid glue)
Etude House Baby Volume Lashes with Clear Lash Bands + free lash glue PHP 128.00
#340 Shawill Lashes (straight lashes) PHP 59.00
#330 Shawill Lashes (criss-cross) PHP 59.00


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