Monday, July 2, 2012

Ben Nye Products: An Overview


I have wanted to own Ben Nye products ever since I watched Michelle Phan’s videos using the Ben Nye Lumiere Grand Color Palette—and that was about 2 years ago! Now I finally have my hands on two amazing products which The Style Quarter sent over! This is just going to be an overview on the products that they sent me, reviews and  tutorials will follow *although I already made a few videos featuring the concealer wheel.

First product is the Ben Nye Lumiere Crème Wheel (PHP 1,275.00)

Six bold, shimmering shades for sizzling beauty or fantasy accents.

Set with Luxe Powders for a fabulous finish.

LW 1oz/28gm. Expect 50-250 applications.

Shades: Sun Yellow, Jade, Persimmon, Cosmic Blue, Royal Purple, Ice.



The second one is the Ben Nye Conceal All Wheel NK1 (PHP 690.00) *My current favorite concealer!

Four effective concealers make this a must for every makeup case.

0.5oz/14gm. Expect 40-150 applications.


Stay tuned for my reviews and more tutorials using these babies!

For more Ben Nye products, hop on over to!


  1. The Creme Wheel looks totally fab! Can't wait for the reviews. =)

  2. the concealer is so affordable! can't wait for your reviews! :)

  3. I love the concealer! And I am a huge fan of Michele too! I saw on one of her videos that she blowdry the concealer for easy application, and If I'm not mistaken that's the Ben Ye concealer wheel? :)
    And I'm your newest follower! I'd be glad if you follow me back or check my blog. Your so pretty!
    And Have a great day ahead. :*