Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Prepping My Face, Foundation + Brow Routine

Slapping makeup on your face without any skin prepping routine is an absolute no-no for me. I have dry skin, and dry patches LOOK HIDEOUS! It is during my prepping routine that I get to make my makeup last longer, and my skin still taken good care of under all the makeup.


Straight out from the shower, what do I do? Pat my face dry. I am so over the stage of rubbing my face clean with my towel. Eversince I turned 21, I have developed this weird fear of getting saggy skin and wrinkles!!! I don’t know why—but thank God for all the wonderful companies out there who make the most amazing skincare products. We can totally slow down skin aging, now!


Up next is moisturizing. This is without a doubt THE MOST important step of all. Given whatever skin type you have, really. I won’t go into scientific facts and all that stuff, I know you ladies and gents are aware of it! I use my Neutrogena Hydroboost Water Gel. (PHP 830.00 Watsons) It is by far, the MOST AMAZING moisturizer I have used my entire life. It gives 200% hydration to the skin! Dry skin savior, you can say.


200% hydration? Wow that must feel extra greasy and grimy, huh?"

NOT EVEN!!! It’s oil-free!!!

The Hydroboost Watergel leaves your skin supple and perfectly ready for makeup! You don’t even have to wait for it to dry before putting on makeup! Perfect for ladies on the go especially in mornings.

When I want to squeeze in a little sun protection in my routine, I use the newest product from Neutrogena which is the Nuetrogena Hydroboost Gel with SPF 30 PA++ (PHP 830.00 Watsons)

Let’s take a moment and pause.

Click on this link:


Did I just say GEL with SPF 30 PA++?

Yes I did! How cool is this!!! It is a gel-moisturizer which boosts skin moisture by freaking 400% and effectively protects the skin from the tropical sun!

I like to pat it all over my face and again, be left with extra supple skin without that greasy feeling!

Time for foundation after all that hydration!Lancome Compact

I use my Lancome Maqui Blanc Miracle Powder Foundation in Beige Diaphane. If you checked my previous blog post, you’d understand why I love this foundation too much.

“What? You didn’t even use concealer!”

Exactly, I did not. ;)

Up next are brows! Wow, doing my brows have always been a struggle for me. In this video, my brows looked a bit too dark because I used my Sigma Bare Palette’s “Hitch”. Anyhow, I’m back to using “Chestnut” by Nichido! So pardon me if my brows looked too dark in the video!

Watch this video to see my do my routine!


  1. I don't think that that little of your sun protection product will give you the intended amount of protection.

  2. oh my god after reading this review, Im super excited to put my hands on to Neutrogena hydro boost water gel.