Wednesday, June 27, 2012

“Make-up Thief: Be Warned!”

It is currently 1:32AM and I just received this email from Trish Velarmino, founder and CEO of I just wanted to do my part and spread this message to everyone.

The email read:

To make up lovers, the beauty & cosmetics and blogging community:

My cousin Inna got robbed today by a certain Lyka who claims to be a make-up artist. She messaged my cousin through her fashion blog saying that she needs a model for a make-up shoot to be used in Candy Magazine, August issue College Fashionistas. Inna wasn't hesitant because this Lyka said that Chesca Godinez is her friend, who is also a friend of Inna's. She then messaged Chesca on facebook to confirm the shoot. Chesca replied confirming that this Lyka is her friend so Inna went to the shoot on Tuesday (June 26) at 10:00am.

They met at Shakey's in a mall near Quezon Avenue. Upon arrival, Lyka fed her with mojos and asked about the make-up brands she is using. She said they had to stay there because they need to wait for Chesca. She claims that Chesca is also modeling for her. Then she asked Inna to go to the restroom to fit some clothes. She said that she needs Inna's photos wearing the clothes so she can send it to the art director of the shoot. Lyka then offered to bring Inna's make-up kit in courtesy. At that time, Inna was carrying a big and heavy bag consisting of personal belongings, including her DSLR camera so she agreed and trusted this person to carry her make-up kit. Inna fitted 2 outfits and Lyka took photos of her. While fitting the third outfit, Lyka told Inna that she will go out for a while to fetch Chesca. 

Inna was puzzled when Lyka didn't come back after 15minutes. She had a feeling that this was a bogus shoot because first, Lyka doesn't look legit at all. Lyka left Shakey's with all Inna's make up and brushes with brands like Mac, Lancome, Maybelline, Bobby Brown, Body Shop, Paul and Joe, Victoria's Secret, Maybelline, Benefactor, Face Shop, etc. With these brands, Lyka knew that Inna was a certified make-up lover. Inna then called Lyka's number but the phone was already turned off. The, she called Chesca and asked where she is. Apparently, Chesca is in Enderun at that time and her Facebook has been hacked. We're assuming that this Lyka hacked Chesca's Facebook account.

We're not sure if Lyka is really her real name but we want everyone to be warned. Almost all of our close friends are in the blogging community and we don't want you to be victimized by this person. Maybe this person wanted to be a make up artist but does not have the means to purchase the needed materials to be one. That's why she's fooling other people to complete her collection of make-up.

Please pass this e-mail to your friends who are into blogging, make-up, etc. 

Trish Velarmino

Founder/CEO |

Please spread the word and be careful!

Thank you Trish for emailing!


  1. oh my god, grabe naman!!!she went to such great lengths para lang sa make up >.<

  2. poor girl .. thanks Say for sharing this..more power!

  3. first of all who does a fitting at Shakeys??? Grabe naman yan. Scary!!! You should post a pic!

  4. I think there's a girl named Lyka who's working for Summit. She used to be in Candy but now I think she's in Preview na. Maybe someone's using her name to steal because the real Lyka wouldn't ruin the reputation that she created for years by aggravating others.

  5. that's just awful! i hope she'll get caught..

  6. Graaaabe!! Well if she's an aspiring make up artist, she will never EVER be successful! EVEEEEER!! Kakapangingil! Karma will do the work! Thanks for sharing, Say!:)

  7. OMG, this is scary! poor Inna! she should report this to police >.<