Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Lining the Eyes (Tagalog Tutorial)

Hi everyone! I am back to finish up backlogs. Starting with this most recent Tagalog video that I did for fellow Pinays around the country.


Lining the eyes is almost like magic every time. It elongates, accentuates and basically makes the eyes stand out even more. It all depends on how you line your eyes, that is.

There are numerous products that you can use when lining the eyes. Liquid, powder, gel, pencil…etc. In this video, I showed two ways and a trick on how to do it as quickly and as error-free as possible.

You will need:

  1. notepaper
  2. an angled brush (Beauty Cosmetics’ angled brush)
  3. a black eyeshadow (Ever Bilena Single E/S “CLEO”)
  4. water in a spray bottle
  5. a liquid liner (Nichido Minerals Precise Liquid Liner)

First method is the water + black eyeshadow:

I cannot guarantee the longevity of this method, but it is the fastest and quickest way of lining the eyes! If you want it to last longer, primer your lids and use a high quality black eyeshadow.

Hold the notepaper at the tail-end of your eye and tilt it slightly to create a wing out effect.

Start lining your eyes and create the tail using a wet brush + the black eyeshadow. You don’t need to worry about not getting a perfect tail since the notepaper will guide you.

Second method is using a liquid liner:

In the video, I used the same notepaper, although I must admit that it was a bit challenging to control the liquid liner and at the same time hold the notepaper. I just used the notepaper for the sake of having a guide/support for all the beginners who wants to give it a try. You really just need steady hands and practice! :)

Here is the video if you want to watch the tutorial in the vernacular:


  1. Hi Ms. Say. Thank you for the tutorials! :) Btw, what brand and color is the pair of contact lens that you're wearing? They really look good on you :) Thanks in advance.

  2. wah... Ms. Say, how do you close your eyes without having it blinking every second? XD nahihirapan po talaga ako pag sa upper eyelids ako nag-aaply. T_T

  3. Hello Ms. Say, pwede po ba kayo gumawa ng tutorial ng paglinya ng eyes na tipong tsinita? Problem ko po kasi nagfofold yung eyelids ko kaya hindi masyado nakikita ang eyeliner. Saka paano po ba ang makeup for tsinitas para madefine ang eyes at hindi lalo mukhang maliit? Salamat po!

  4. Hello po Ms. Say, paano po ang makeup ng eyes for tsinitas? Problem ko po kasi ung eyes ko singkit and nagfofold yung eyelids kaya di maxado kita ang eyeliner hehe. Sana po may tutorial po kung paano po maenhance ang mga singkit na eyes hehe. Salamat po in advance! =)