Wednesday, June 27, 2012

First Look: MakeupByToni ‘HOPE’ Series 12-Piece Brush Set

Hi everyone! If you watched my Day in the Life of Say vlog last June 25th, you would already know that I met up with a Singapore-based friend and fellow freelance makeup artist Toni, and her boyfriend Rafael. Toni wanted to introduce her very first series of personalized makeup brushes to me, and I am just delighted to share this with all my blog readers/subscribers!

It’s a season of makeup brushes for me (God answered my prayer too much! And I feel nothing but utter gratefulness)

Right after my little date with Toni and Rafael, I posted a photo of the brushes in Instagram and on Twitter. It was a bit premature to reveal the details then, since I had to gather photos and the likes to be able to do this blog entry wherein all questions will be answered.

Now that I have everything I need, it’s time to introduce the HOPE Series by MakeupByToni.


When Toni first handed me the brushes and talked me through it, I was easily able to tell how much work and love she has put into having these personalized and made. Far different from the usual. Definitely the stellar kind. My first thought was, “These could pass for SIGMA brushes!” ***for the record, this is the second set that merited that comment from me ;) The first one’s from Beauty Cosmetics (synthetic set)***

Let’s me talk about the brush set point by point:

COLOR—Toni wanted her brush set to be unique and different, hence the dark blue color of the brush roll made from synthetic leather. 


LABEL—Part of the set’s uniqueness, they have the brand’s name on the brushes in holographic lettering; the name and number of each brushes on the other side of the handle in silk print and in a very feminine font.  


 NAME—Each brush is called “H___” (i.e. H01 Powder Brush H02 Duo Fibre) With the “H” representing the “Hope Series”


HANDLE—The handle of the brushes are made of wood and has a matte dark blue color

BRISTLES—The bristles of the brush are made of synthetic nylon (you won’t BELIEVE how soft they are, I kid you not. Very Sigma-ish, I tell you!)


A closer look on each brush:


PRICE—The Hope Series 12 Piece Brush Set retails are SGD85 or PHP 2,700.00 (exclusive of shipping and postage fees *hindi pa kasama ang shipping fee)

SHIPPING—MakeupByToni ships internationally

ORDERING—Now open for pre-orders, email Toni at, payment procedures will be advised once order is confirmed

FREEBIE—Every confirmed pre-order will receive a complimentary travel size H07 Tapered Blending Brush! *Ang bawat sigurado and kumpirmadong pre-order ay makakatanggap ng libreng H07 travel size Tapered Blending Brush!

The official launch of these brushes will be on August 1, 2012 (and I’m sooo glad I am able to share this to all of you this early!)

My review on these brushes as well as makeup tutorials using these brushes will follow in a few day’s time.

I hope you enjoyed this post! All the information you need is already in this post, for more information, here are the contact details of Toni:


Facebook Page:

Youtube Channel: *new channel, they will be putting up videos soon!

Thank you Toni and Rafael for a wonderful meeting! I can’t wait to visit Singapore!



  1. You are so blessed Say! inggit much :)

  2. wow i love it!
    san ba pwede magpacustomize ng brushes dito sa philippines?

  3. wow i love it. ♥
    san ba pwede magpa customize ng brushes dito sa philippines?

  4. wow they haven't launch the brush set yet! thanks for this info say!

  5. oh wow :D they look pretty nice :D i'll wait for your review on it ate say :)

  6. question: is the foundation brush stiff enough? scared that it would be too flimsy