Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Feather Hair Extensions!

A quick trip throughout my hair journey: was colored and permed professionally, never straightened nor have undergone any other straightening procedures. I have never used hair extensions before, either!


When Picasso Hair Feathers contacted me and wanted me to try out their products, I was intrigued. What exactly are they?

Picasso Hair Feathers is a premium-line of Cruelty-Free Feather Hair Extensions. The majority of feather extensions on the market are the result of overt brutality and the slaughter of thousands of roosters.  This is done in the name of fashion and most customers are typically oblivious to the consequence of their purchases. Picasso Hair Feathers are cruelty-free and designed specifically to improve the look, feel, and experience when wearing a feather hair extension. Our feathers are kink-free, guaranteed 14" long, the application is quick and easy, and our prices are well below any animal feather retailer.

Given all that information, I was given the privilege to choose which kind I wanted to try out. They have a lot of varieties on their website They carry 5 packs, 12 packs, 25 packs, and even singles!

I chose the 12 pack BLUSHING BEAUTY one. I adored the colors of pinks and purples on that one.


12 Pack of Hair Feathers ($ 29.95)

* Threading Loops and Micro-Rings Attached for Easy Application!

Color(s): mix of pinks, purples and reds
Material: Heat Resistant Synthetic, Cruelty-Free Materials
Size:  Length of 14+ inches

If you love positively feminine colors like pretty pinks, dark purples, rosey reds, sassy plums and light pinks then you’ll love Picasso brand Blushing Beauty combination packs. This pack has a gorgeous selection of hair feathers so you can be whatever brand of Blushing Beauty you choose to be. If you blush easily you’ll love the light pinks and plum feathers but if you constantly make others blush our red and dark purple hair feathers will suit your personality perfectly. However you choose to mix and match our Blushing Beauty combo pack you’ll find the hair feathers easy to apply, heat resistant, long lasting and kink-free so that looking beautiful doesn’t become an all day task.

I did a how-to video about the Picasso Hair Feathers and I must admit that I really had so much fun wearing them!

They add such statement to any style and spruce up any hair style! These feather hair extensions definitely get my approval.

If you want to know how they are attached to the hair, watch this video! It’s really easy! You’ll get the hang of it in NO time!

If you have any more questions, this page will answer you!


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