Saturday, June 23, 2012

4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder Review

It is an absolute must for me to blog about an amazing product the minute I finish road-testing it. I rarely give reviews about stuff that don’t really wow me [despite getting it for free].

4U2 Cosmetics sent me a bunch of products to try out and I really wanted to test them before giving in-depth reviews. Although I already did a tutorial using the products, I still needed to put each of them under separate tests. By tests, I mean, myself using them throughout the day—this way, I can really really tell that they work.

I really wanted to put this blog post out simultaneously with the experiment video that I am yet to make, but I just have to release my raves about this product!

Before anything else, let me give you a little background about 4U2 Cosmetics:

4U2 Cosmetics is exclusively manufactured by Colorcos Co., Ltd. (Colorcos), in Thailand under an exclusive and registered license with Bel*Air Cosmetics Corp., USA. 4U2 was launched in the Philippines in Sept 2007 in an exclusive partnership with Watsons. It is now available in major SM Department Stores and Watsons Nationwide.

I have always seen 4U2 Cosmetics in Watsons but I never really got around to try any of their products (now I am wondering why!)

Anyway, the first product from the bunch which really amazed me is the 4U2 dreamGirl Lovelight BB Powder.


  1. Confidence builder through all day complexion perfection.
  2. Has an exclusive formulation to achieve evened out and natural-looking skin tone
  3. Controls oil build-up on the face
  4. Has SPF 15 PA++
  5. Suitable for all skin types
  6. Comes in 3 shades (mine is #1)

I used this product to set my foundation in today before heading to school, it was my first time to give it a try and I never really thought it would be SOOOO AMAZING. No, really. My honest first thought about this product is that, “this doesn’t look special, I bet it wouldn’t work on me”  I definitely ate my words when I started dusting it all over my face.

Let me discuss this point by point…

1. The packaging is amazing. Who wouldn’t want a tiny PINK compact powder? It screams power to the feminine society!

2. It comes with a facial sponge which you can use, although I used my Sigma F30 Large Powder brush to apply it (you can use a sponge or a brush—whatever floats your boat)

3. Upon dusting it all over my face, my skin felt so VELVETY! (“Cakey, you mean…”) NO, NOT CAKEY AT ALL! That’s what really amazed me because usually when a powder gives full coverage, it would tend to look cakey on your skin, right? That totally does NOT apply to this product

4. My face looked totally flawless, believe me. Not only that—I noticed a hint of brightness on my skin! A healthy glow, you can say!

5. It blended very, very well with my skin tone—I am not kidding. It really DID blend with my skin tone

After all that amazement, it was time to head to school and put it under the test.


I rode a tricycle to school, it was a 10-minute ride with all the heat from the sun, the wind blowing all over my face and again all the heat from the sun (just to emphasize) You would THINK I’d get out of the tricycle with all my makeup melting away, huh?

I alighted looking fresh and FEELING fresh! No sweaty feeling (mind you, I was wearing a corporate uniform with a hot blazer) I was thinking, “Okay, so far, so good.”


I got into out air-conditioned room and went on with my 4-hour night class. I retouched only once (around the nose area) slight build up of a teeny weeny shine, but that was it. My face looked totally fresh and flawless all night long.

When I got home, everything looked intact. I did not look cakey at all!!! It was amazing. Hence, I had to write this review at once.

Do you feel like trying it out too, now? You can most definitely do! Why? It’s super affordable at only PHP 194.00!!! (Come on, now!) 194?! *now this product is definitely going in my PHP 500 Makeup Challenge video*

Available at all leading department stores and Watsons nationwide.

Disclaimer: product was sent for review from 4U2 Cosmetics, but all thoughts and opinions are my own—honest and unbiased.

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  1. weee. i'm so excited about the challenge!

  2. I can tell from the tone of your review that you really loved this product. I'll grab one tooooooo~! Thanks for this!

    1. My local 4U2 counter doesn't have this. Shame.

  3. what amazes me with your blog is know how to catch good yet affordable product!im using maybelline tho..but im guna by this one!thanks for sharing (:

  4. Excited for your makeup challenge video! I should check this brand out soon. :)

  5. Excited for the makeup challenge video! I should check out this brand soon!

  6. Wow! I have to try this. Thanks for the review. =)

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  8. grabbing one too... really hard to find this kind of powder...

  9. i am definitely trying this baby out miss say! :)

    btw, check my blog :)

  10. this is a nice review! might get one for my self. :D

  11. Thank you so much Ms. Say for the review! When the first time I saw this at Watson's, I just fell in love with it because of the cute and pink packaging. Now I will definitely buy this. ^^,

  12. You rode a tricycle to school??

  13. 500php make up challenge? :) i would love to try that out!! please tag me if you can :)

  14. 500php make up challenge? :) please tag me in that one if you're gonna do tags! i would love to try that too!! :)

    4u2 items are very affordable! i tried out some of their products and i agree the quality is very good :)

  15. i'll surely try these product! thanks for the review!:) godbless!

  16. After a few weeks of wearing 4U2 face powder, I noticed that my pores seemed bigger than usual. Did you experience the same thing?

  17. After using a face powder from 4U2 for a couple of weeks, I noticed that my pores looked bigger. Did you experience the same thing?

  18. i got this yesterday because of your blog ms say, i hope it will work for me too! thanks

  19. hi ms say! i got this yesterday because of ur recommendation, i only used it this morning but so far so good, less oil in my face! i have very oily skin btw. so thanks! keep it up!

  20. I am a caveman in terms of any makeup or skin care products. I just wanted to ask what would be a good facial moistirizer that won't hurt my budget. I am a mom and i work night shift. Thanks for your help :)

    1. celeteque facial moisturizer. oil free, affordable and hypo allergenic

  21. I like the bb powder because it’s compact.
    ~Pauline @Kallony

  22. will definitely purchase this one. been searching for reviews about this product before ill purchase one hehe