Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Featured as Sigma’s First Rising Star

It was with great disbelief, gladness and excitement (and apparently a lot more feelings) when I read an unexpected e-mail from Jennifer Ditlevson, Sigma’s Affiliate Program Coordinator. She emailed to ask if they could feature me as their first rising star in their newest monthly feature in their blog called “Sigma’s Rising Star”.


“…we think you would be a great fit! Your YouTube channel shows a lot of potential not only in the Philippines, but worldwide as well.” 
What an honor. 

This is truly another milestone in my career. I never expected I’d even be featured in the Sigma Beauty Blog! My journey with Sigma has been really beautiful. Ever since I received the very first complimentary Sigma F80 gift (Sigma F80 review here), up to this moment where I actually already have everything in my Sigma wish list—I’m just really happy. The only thing I could do before was to add their products in my wish list cart, but now Sigma made everything come to life. This is just really overwhelming and humbling.
Thank you Sigma, for your unending trust in my blogs and videos. Continue beautifying the world with your amazing products!
You can read my interview with Sigma Beauty here: