Saturday, April 14, 2012

OASIS Makeup Look by Stila


Hi everyone!

I am back with my second makeup tutorial using the Stila Dream in Full Color Palette. This one is called the “Oasis Makeup Look”. A very neutral, yet edgy look. You always get beautiful results by pairing neutral shadows with a colorful lip color.

As always, the steps and the products that I used are listed down in this blog. Enjoy the video tutorial at the end of this post!

Love, Say


  1. Prime your lids to make your eyeshadows last longer and appear more vibrant
  2. Apply “Oasis” (satin cream E/S) over your entire lid up to the brow bone
  3. Dampen your brush by spraying water & apply “Peace” (golden tan) to your lid not going past the crease *applying E/S with a wet brush makes the color pop out more*
  4. Apply “Dream” (matte brown) to the crease and blend
  5. Use a liner brush to apply “Mystical” (dark brown) to your upper and lower lash line
  6. Tightline your eyes using a good black liner
  7. Curl your lashes and apply mascara
  8. Apply “Sizzle” on your cheeks (shimmery tan)
  9. Finish off with a pinkish red lip color


More looks using the Stila Dream in Full Color Palette SOON!

Enjoy the video tutorial here:

Hair Lace from PinkBox Accessories from
Lenses: Angel Gray Lenses by GEO from
STILA Dream in Full Color Palette
Oasis (satin cream)
Peace (golden tan)
Dream (matte light brown)
Mystical (dark brown)
Sizzle (shimmery tan blush)
ModelsOwn Hyperbrite Lipstick in Flaming Red:
Order from:
Maybelline The Falsies Mascara
Stila Smudge Stick Waterproof Eyeliner


  1. i'll definitely try this look.. You're so gorgeous Ms. Say! xoxo

  2. i'll definitely try this look.. You're so gorgeous Ms. Say! xoxo

  3. the make-up is so gorgeous :)

  4. why are you so pretty say!! hahahaha
    this look is amazing!

    i tagged you say..check it out