Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Double Braid Bands Hair Tutorial

It’s always so much fun to play around with different hairstyles especially during the summertime! Whether it be a messy bun, loose waves, or even braids…anything!

In this tutorial I will teach you how to achieve the “Double Braid Bands” Hairstyle which is such a cute, fun, and feminine look perfect to wear out in the beach!


What you need:

Hairspray *Raven HairSpray*

Teasing comb *(Robinsons Dept. Store)*

Bobby Pins *high quality—to hold the style in place*

Curling Iron *BaByliss iPRO 200 Sol Gel Titanium Iron 25mm Barrel (Watsons)*


  1. Part your hair
  2. Separate the right and left section
  3. Work with the left or the right section (whichever you prefer)
  4. Separate the right/left section into a top & bottom layer
  5. Separate the top layer into two
  6. Create braids with the two sections on the top layer and pull towards the other side of the head
  7. Pin at the back of the ear
  8. Pin the second braid from the outside inward to “lock” both braids together
  9. Secure the beginning of the two braids by pinning into place
  10. Randomly curl sections of hair
  11. Spray curls in place
  12. Tease for volume


Enjoy the tutorial:

Products used:
Lenses: GEO Big Grang Grang Choco Lens WHC-246
Bobby Pins from Pink Box Accessories *high quality pins that will really hold your hairstyle in place!*
BaByliss iPRO 200 Sol Gel Titanium Iron 25mm Barrel (Watsons)
Teasing Comb (Robinsons Dept. Store)
RAVEN Hair Spray (Watsons)


  1. I love the tutorial. It's very easy to do. I might try it on one of my summer classes. Kudos Ms. Say! :)

    Renee J.

  2. Times like these I wish I didn't had my hair cut :P love this!


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