Sunday, March 25, 2012

Neutrogena BB Cream Guessing Game Giveaway Winners (Week 5)

Hi everyone!

Week 5 is over! I was wearing BB Cream in the photo! Did you have a difficult time guessing? (See the photo here)


Here are the (2) winners for Week 5 of the Neutrogena BB Cream Guessing Game Giveaway!

Congratulations to:

  1. Joelle Celline (

  2. Maria Katrina Macaculop (

You both win a bottle of the Fine Fairness BB Cream from Neutrogena! Please wait for a confirmation e-mail from the company on how to claim your prizes.

We are down to our last week for this guessing game+giveaway darlings! Keep an eye out for Week 6!

“Did you know that the Fine Fairness BB cream also has glycerin? This ensures long-lasting hydration which attracts just the right amount of moisture to keep your skin looking fresh and radiant all day.”

Visit Neutrogena’s Facebook Page for more information about their products:


  1. OMG! 1st time ko manalo kahit saan. OMG! OMG! Thanks!:))

  2. di na naman ako nanalo! huhu! :(

  3. yaay! may 1 week pa! dont lose hope! goodluck sa atin :) hihi.. congrats to celline and katrina :)