Monday, March 5, 2012

Impromptu Booking: Hair & Makeup for Bianca


I received an impromptu booking while I was doing the hair and makeup of my sisters and her friends for their magazine project last March 25, 2012. We were staying on this lounging area when I was approached by a kind woman asking me how much my rates are. It turned out she wanted me to do her daughter’s hair and makeup in about 2 hours that time! Her daughter will be attending a prom event and it was coincidental that she saw me that moment. She, then, canceled her appointment at the salon downstairs (Bench Fix if I’m not mistaken) and availed on my services instead.  How cool, right? I did not expect a client that day!

The theme of the prom was Grecian. I gave Bianca a soft smokey eye look and pink lips. I defined her brows which were already groomed perfectly. We did not do any drastic concealing as her skin was almost perfect! Bianca has beautiful eyes and they looked gorgeous with the smoked out eyeshadow look. We finished off with pink lipstick (we used Bianca’s lip color) for a soft, feminine touch.



With Bianca’s hair, I gave a pouf on the top of her hair, pulled everything to a slight high pony, and starting working with a ‘bouquet’ as I like t call it. We added embellishments after as per request of the client.


Here is Bianca’ final look. She could totally pass for a Grecian Princess.



  1. Hey Say! Not sure if you remember me, I'm sure you don't because we have never been formally introduced but I did see you at the meet up with Judy and Benji at Red Mango! Haha, enough of me being a weirdo just wanted to say congratulations because you've achieved so much as a mua at such a young age! Keep doing what you're doing! x

  2. Her hair is amazing, I wonder how long it took you to finish doing that kind of hair style. And I hope you can do a hair tutorial on that too. :) Gosh, ang dami kong request. Haha

  3. hi say! i've been stalking you're blog for a while now! hahaha :) i love your reviews! :) btw i love this look, especially the hair and the eyes :)

    xoxo PAM