Tuesday, March 27, 2012

How I Do My Brows

It’s always been known to the public how I’ve struggled with my brows through the years! Now here I am, 2 years after, presenting how I do my brows!


I’ve learned this trick of mixing my brow powder with water before application. I find this mixture enabling myself to shape my brows the way I want them. Water makes the color glide on more smoothly, and gives a very sleek line and clean line when dried.

I use my water bottle (with spray nozzle) to dampen my Marionnaud N°9 Brush brush (eyebrow liner end) and then dip it into my brow powder. Then I start defining my brows working my way from middle out, and then going back to the very start; using a spooly, lightly creating this shadow on the beginning.

Once dry, your brows will look oh so perfectly shaped.


Watch this video to see how I did it:

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  1. may i ask kung anu po color at brand ng contact lens mo? hehe email nio po sken at jemanongsong@yahoo.com thanks