Thursday, March 1, 2012

Beauty Campaign February Episode: Behind the Scenes


We shot the February Episode of the Beauty Campaign: Discovering Your Own Beauty last Sunday, February 26. I was 6 minutes late! Svetlani, our FEB Krave Model, and her sister were already at the studio when I arrived.

Here’s how Svetlani looked like before the shooting:


Brought my baby with me. I gotta come prepared—always!


Our set up


Trina came after a few minutes and we started sorting out the products to be used in the video


I really need a director’s chair. I broke my back while filming this episode (just kidding, but you know what I mean! All the bending…)


Gorgeous Svetlani! Look at those eyes!


Wrapped up the shoot after 2 hours—it was sooo much fun to film with these ladies! We had TONS OF LAUGHS!!! You’ll see why when you watch the video embedded down at the end of this post.


Products Used:

Base: Organic Liquid Foundation in Ricotta
Loose Foundation: Luxurious Perfection in French Latte
Blush: Blush Crush in Peach Sorbet
Eyeshadows: Bubblegum, Mint tea, Banana Split, Vanilla Cake
Contour: Pretty Young Thin (face contouring powder)
Lipgloss: Lip Shimmer in Strawberry Daiquiri
Setting Spray: Mist Spritz

Order from:

More photos from Trina of Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals:


It is also with great pleasure to say that this is the first episode that we’ve included a fashion segment! Svetlani, styled by fashionista and blogger, Janelle Manahan—with clothes from Janelle’s store, State of Pink.

Order here:

Stay tuned for our March Episode! Janelle will personally be appearing in the video!


And lastly, I am blessed to have Trina, managing director of Krave Minerale, as my great friend and partner. She’s the best!


Watch our February Episode here:

What the Beauty Campaign is all about:
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Check out the amazing products from Krave Minerale:
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  1. Love your look on this post, L! So fresh and so pretty! Proud of you as always!! :)

  2. wow! she's so pretty! love her eyes too! :) great job Miss Say!