Monday, February 27, 2012

NEW Traincase from Suesh!


Hi everyone!

This is so far my biggest purchase this month! I got a new traincase!

I bought this traincase from Suesh during the last day of Cosmetologie Fair 2012 last February 22nd. I was with Sab and Andee, shopping! This traincase caught my eye from the Suesh booth since it has always been the traincase that I wanted to have since I started my career as a freelance hair and makeup artist! It’s actually included in my makeup wishlist—and now I have crossed it out!

I wasn’t planning on buying a traincase that day. But when I learned that they slashed 50% off the price, accepted card payment, and it was the LAST one—I GAVE IN!

Imagine, its original price is PHP 8,500! 8 thousand freaking pesos and 500! And I paid 4,250 to get it! SUCH A HUGE DEAL, RIGHT?!

I was super excited. Sab and Andee kept reassuring me that it was a good price. After the card’s been swiped, I was all, “OMG, did I really spend so much money on this?!” LOL which is the reason why Sab and Andee kept telling me it’s okay because it’s a form of investment on my part!

Look how beautiful my baby is… Okay I am going to name her. (thinks of a name) I love her! I’ve taken her out thrice already!!! So much ease. No more shoulder pain from lugging my heavy Samsonite heirloom traincase anymore (I kept it already—heartbroken, but not entirely!)


This traincase holds ALL MY MAKEUP AND HAIR TOOLS! How freaking amazing is that?!

Wanna see the features of this traincase? Watch my video!

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  1. I can relate since my mom also does hair and make up before and I would be the one who would always bring her 3 separate traincases along... super heavy ah!! ang in fairness its a great buy since its 50% off and it carries all your stuff ^^.

  2. this is gorgeous! this is a steal!