Monday, February 13, 2012

Miners Cosmetics Haul

Hi everyone!

It’s sharing time! If you’ve watched my Miners Cosmetics Haul video (embedded at the end of this post) about a few days ago, you’d know that I received a couple of Miners Cosmetics products from one of my lovely partners, Sarah, of Make Up Hub by Naturele Collezione. I just want to give you a run-through of the products and how I am loving them so far. In-depth reviews to follow. Enjoy!

Love, Say


If you wanna watch my haul video live…

Miners Cosmetics lovePHATliner Chubby Eye Pencil in Spoilt and Bandit—these are pretty awesome chubby liners! They are very pigmented!


Miners Cosmetics Tin ‘o Tint Moisturizing Lip Tint Care—this product smells wonderful! I tried it yesterday and it really is moisturizing. If you’re not the lipstick type of gal, you can try this. It gives you just the right hint of color on the lips! Perfect for school!


Miners Cosmetics The Matte Factor Lip Paint in Deep Red and Hot Pink—I adore these lip paints! They are very pigmented, dries matte on the lips and lasts me about 6++ hours!


Miners Cosmetics Make-up Masterclass Smokey Eyes Palette—this is the perfect smokey eye palette especially for starters! It contains 4 shades of eyeshadow, mascara, a black eye pencil, and a sponge/brush tip applicator. The book contains a mirror and instructions on how to achieve smokey eyes!


If you wanna watch my tutorial on the Make-up Masterclass Smokey Eyes Palette:

Miners Cosmetics Beauty School Butterfly Babe Palette—another perfect palette for makeup starters! This palette contains 4 fun shades of eyeshadow, a colored eye pencil, mascara, and a brush/sponge tip applicator! It also has a mirror and instructions inside the book.


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  1. cute products...the packaging reminds me of Benefit...colorful and stylish..thanks for sharing..=)

  2. The Butterfly Babe palette has my fave colors in it! I wanna buy from Naturele Collezione na ulit tuloy! Effective endorser ka Say, napapabili ako ng makeup sa kanila. :))

  3. The lip paint looks amazing. :) They remind me of NYX matte lip creams; especially the fuschia one. It could be a dupe for NYX Addis Ababa which I own. :D x

  4. the packaging are really cute. i wanna try this brand just cause of your haul!:) i hope you can drop by my blog (i just started a month ago) :)

    xo, Georgia

  5. how much are the eye pencils?? I hope they got that in green and purple as well :)

    check out my recent haul here: