Saturday, February 4, 2012

I’m #2 on This Week’s Top 5 Most Viewed Up & Comers (STYLEHAUL)

Hi everyone!

So I woke up really early for a gig today, came back home at 7AM. Checked my e-mail, found a message from Stylehaul’s Community Development Manager, Laura Bruner, and guess what?

They featured me again in today’s episode of the haul!

What’s even more exciting?

I’m #2 in this week’s TOP 5 MOST VIEWED Up & Comers!!!


So happy! (Of course, part of this is Judy and Benji who caused the significant increase in my channel stats! Thank you guys! Love you both!)

Watch the episode here! (FF to 6:40 to the Top 5 segment)

P.S. Our very own dancing traffic enforcer has been featured as well! Proud to be Filipino!

Love, Say


  1. congrats say!!!
    proud to be pinoy.

  2. Big congratulations, Say! And your new header is gorgeous. :)

    xx, Kim

  3. wow! good to hear that Say! congratulation! you deserved it Say! god bless you! keep it up!

  4. Congrats Say! By the way i sent you an email regarding a query :) It's been months na pala since I last logged in. LOL. will back track for your posts.