Monday, February 13, 2012

How to Line the Eyes in a Jiffy

Hi everyone!

So I’m 99.99% sure that most of you have wanted to sport cat eyes for a particular day but ended up not doing it because of time constraint. I am going to share with you a very simple trick on how to be able to line your eyes WITHOUT the mess and would only last you about 3-5 minutes (even faster)

Love, Say


As always, water will be your best, best friend in this trick!

You’re only going to need:

  1. Marionnaud Premium N9 Slanted Eyeliner & Eyebrows Double Side Brush Brush (PHP 119.00 Watsons/SM Department Stores)
  2. MAC Beauty Marked E/S (you can use ANY black eye shadow)
  3. Water


  1. Moisten your brush
  2. Dip it in your black eyeshadow
  3. Start from the outer corner of your eyes and create the tail
  4. From the tip of the tail, drag the line towards your upper lashline
  5. From there, you can work your way through your lashline
  6. You can make it thinner/thicker as you wish
  7. For boo-boos, you can easily wipe it off as it is not waterproof like gel liners/liquid liners. This is all about quick fixes!

Water will easily make the black E/S look more pigmented. However, the lasting power of this trick is not guaranteed! It really depends on what E/S you used. Nevertheless, this is one of the quickest, and the most doable tricks you can use to sport those sexy cat eyes without the hassle!

Watch the video tutorial here:

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