Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Cosmetologie Fair 2012

I was really excited for Cosmetologie 2012 because the last one I went to was way back in 2010! This year, I got to spend it with fellow makeup gurus! I woke up really late and Sab and Andee were such darlings to accompany me to lunch even though they’ve already had theirs. I love spending time with these two girls (we haven’t blogged about our lunch at Ling Nam yet!) Anyhoo, after eating lunch we went to SMX to shop at the Cosmetologie Fair! I was deeply saddened by BabyLiss not being present this year. I wanted to get myself a huge barrel!!!


Everything was basically sold at low prices! I saw these traincases (with lights) but I didn’t have the guts to spend all the money I had just for one. Besides, I wasn’t really planning on buying a traincase at all. We kept walking ‘round and ‘round. Next stop was the Suesh booth!

Suesh is such a trusted brand when it comes to makeup tools! I’ve always been a fan but have never purchased nor owned any Suesh items before.


Until I saw this…


Oh mama, I swear I wanted to take it home the moment I laid my eyes on it. About a few minutes of chitchatting with Suesh’s owner, Sheryl, I found myself handing out my card and receiving a receipt.


Why? I’ll tell you why.

  • This baby has been in my makeup wishlist since 2010! It’s EXACTLY what I wanted!
  • It’s the LAST piece
  • They accepted card payment (I coincidentally had my card with me)
  • They slashed off 50% the original price! From 8,500 I got it for 4,250!

Now I believe those are pretty good reasons.

Suesh was right beside Ever Bilena, and guess what was on sale! Their cream eye shadows! Price was down to 70.00 per piece! I got three new shades (which I will show in a separate video)


I neglected to take photos of the rest of the booths that we went to, but I also got bendy rollers, a couple of lash sets and a box of approx. 700 bobby pins! (I told myself I had to stock up on these for my hairstyling gigs) *photos to follow in a separate post*

Probably the best thing about Cosmetologie 2012 (besides getting myself an awesome traincase) would be meeting fellow makeup gurus! Sab and Andee are an exception because I’ve been with them a couple of times already.

So I finally met Trina of thebestsoylatteandme who looked absolutely gorgeous in person I swear (not that she doesn’t in her videos):


Teena of AngKikayKo who I met during the IJT M&G; spending time with her was waaay different, she’s pretty cool:


Andee of ohthisislove who I kept calling “Sandee” in the videos that we filmed lol!!! Love this girl!


And of course Sabrina of MissCoryPotts! This girl is always a pleasure to be with! She’s a ball of energy!!! (She’s Andee’s sister, by the way) Love them!


We filmed a couple of videos together (actually, only 2—lol) I wanted to do it right there and then because it’s not everyday that we get to see each other!


Meeting my readers were absolutely great, too! Here’s the gang with Katy Yap and Andy! Sweethearts.


And here are some photos I grabbed from Bing (thanks, Bing!)


It was a great day. I went home a happy girl.

Thanks to everyone who came and said hi!!! I remember all of you.


  1. That's a gorgeous traincase! Totally worth it!

  2. you guys are my idols!!! :)