Wednesday, January 18, 2012

January Shoot and BTS “Discovering Your Own Beauty: A Beauty Campaign”


Our beauty campaign, “Discovering Your Own Beauty” makeover series commenced last January 15th with our first model for the month of January, Raych Ramos.

Raych is a 20-year-old student of Miriam College. She is a hip-hop dancer and is obviously very adorable! She was really quiet at the shoot but we totally had a lot of fun laughing over the bloopers and the re-takes! Raych was such a lovely and sweet person to work with. She even helped out with the lines when my tongue got twisted with some statements!

Now I’m going to narrate how the shooting went with this series of photos taken from the day itself:


We made it on time! Scheduled time at the studio was 1-3PM. Trina, the gorgeous Managing Director of Krave Minerale Cosmeceuticals, arrived minutes ahead of Raych and myself. Raych and I actually met downstairs and went to the venue together. We were wondering why the elevator only went up till the 7th floor, and the studio was at the 8th—later realizing that we had to go another floor using the stairs! Raych and I had a good laugh out of that incident.


The studio we worked in. Many thanks to my photographer Mark Bradford for suggesting this beautiful place!


Wore my lucky color that day!


The beautiful Trina Chua, Krave Minerale’s Managing Director.


Our January model, Raych Ramos looking all fresh before the makeover!


Trina and I prepping and running lines before the filming *Thank you Raych for the BTS shots! I didn’t know you were taking photos!*


Here I am filming Trina’s part


Trina and I reviewing the clips we filmed together


Trina with all the Krave Mineral products to be used for Raych’s makeover!


Raych’s makeover!


Look at this beautiful girl’s glowing face!


Thank you for being such a sweet and lovely model, Raych! I had so much fun working with you! We hope you love your makeover!


Biggest thanks to Krave Minerale for producing this whole project and to Trina, the Managing Director, for being such a delight to work with!

And that is a wrap! Next shoot will be on February!

Wanna be featured next? Submit your photo with no makeup on to stating your name, you might just be selected to be our next Krave Model!

Watch Raych Ramos’ Makeover Video here:

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