Friday, January 27, 2012

ItsJudyTime Meet and Greet in Manila 2012


Hi everyone!

You know, I knew how awesome January 2012 would be for me because Benji & Judy got in touch with me last year and told me how they wanted me to co-host their 2012 Meet & Greet in Manila. It was honestly the best news ever. I’ve met Judy and Benji last February of 2011 and it was just beyond amazing. If you’ve watched this video and this video, you’ll know the fan girl that I was and still am!

We reserved the venue a few days before the event, and I was so glad that it worked out. I arrived at Red Mango at 6 to meet up with Benji to talk about the venue and stuff like that. Some of Judy’s relatives were already outside waiting and I got to chat with them for a short while.

More and more people came as the scheduled time drew closer and it was really great to see Judy walk in the venue! There’s no doubt that she looked stunning! She always does!

By about 7:30, Red Mango started to  get jam packed with all of Judy’s fans! It was such a happy place to be! Everyone was just laughing and getting to know each other. Of course, everyone was in the ItsJudysLife vlog for that day!


Judy gave everyone NYX Cosmetics goody bags! We all had the best time answering the questions of that Q&A giveaway!


Look how many people came to see Judy! The area was literally packed with people. Tita Nini and Judy’s cousins are right there!


Almost everyone bought their men to take photos for them! Thanks to all the supportive boyfriends, husbands, and brothers!


I wasn’t able to join this photo—if everyone joined in, we definitely wouldn’t fit in the frame. Look at all the smiling faces.


This is definitely a sweet photo! It was supposed to be a family shot, but Judy called me over! How touching! They are all Judy’s cousins—I love how big their family is. Everyone was just sooooo nice.


With Judy, Achi Char, and Benji


Look who I finally met! Teena Arches of AngKikayKo—who looked totally gorg that night! Oh yeah and she’s really funny in person too!


Here are some photos from my viewers/readers—I didn’t really expect people to take photos with me, but these darlings did! I still don’t have the copies of the others, so if we took a photo together, please post it on my Facebook Page! I’d love to grab them since I wasn’t able to take shots in my own cam!

405956_280361038692009_243363452391768_779963_981084071_n (1)333147_285856824802638_100001349690317_766945_1641026784_o412616_2290776603863_1682435787_1523066_1166605872_o

I had the privilege to have dinner with Judy, Benji and the family after the Meet and Greet! We had dinner at Xin Wang Hong Kong Café.


I was trying to not be a fan girl—but I totally loved chatting with Judy and Benji during dinner! It was so much fun!


The photo that Judy took on Benji’s phone:



Judy’s cousins were all super nice! I felt so welcomed!


Before I left after the dinner, I made sure I got a photo with Tita Nini! She’s just sooooo adorable!


It was really a great day. I had to leave to get ready for the next two days that I spent with Judy, Benji, and their family!

What we did?

Stay tuned for the next blog post…

Love, Say


  1. gurl! ang ganda ng hair mo dito lumelevel sa kulot ni judy!! love it.. naku blog marathon ka na.. at tinitigan ko ang blog header mo.. natawa ako.. tama ka nga.. hahaha

  2. Wow! So lucky! She is such a sweetheart, isn't she?

  3. You look so beautiful with red lips! You look like a doll :D

  4. i love how simple and professional you look here but very sexy. :D that looked like such a busy event! :D