Monday, January 16, 2012

Dull to Doll X Makeup by Say Tioco Artillero Giveaway Revisions (CLOSED)

Hi everyone!
This is an important change in the mechanics regarding the giveaway that Dull to Doll is hosting. This will no longer be a photo-liking contest since we believe the complexity of the the mechanics caused people to be hesitant in joining.
Val, the owner of Dull to Doll, decided to revise the giveaway and now all you have to do to enter the giveaway is click on this link:
and you will be directed to this widget/app in the Dull to Doll Facebook page.
Now all you have to do is “Log in to Enter” and that’s basically it!
***To those who’ve followed the initial mechanics, you will be given additional 10 entries and for every 5 valid likes (meaning you followed all the mechanics in our first announcement), you get 1 additional entry.***
I hope you be guided accordingly! We apologize for the confusion and good luck to everyone!