Sunday, December 11, 2011

Pout Paint by Sleek Makeup: Review and Demo


Sister: “Say, ano to?”  “Say what is this?” (holding Pout Paint Pin-Up up)

Me: “Lip stain, try mo.” “It’s a lip stain, try it!”

after a few minutes…

Sister: “Grabe, and dark pala! Dapat konti lang ginamit ko!” “Gosh, it’s really dark, I should’ve used only a few amount!”

These Pout Paints are included in the amazing loot bag that Sarah of Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione gave me. Some people went gaga over the Pout Paint in Pinkini when I used it in my BAD GIRL Makeup Look by Sleek Makeup tutorial. I have to say, these are actually the best lip stains I have ever used.


They’re simply and conveniently contained in a tube about the size of my middle finger (about three inches) The nozzle looks quite like what you would see on actual paint tubes. I love how small they are because I can keep them in my pocket or pop it in my bag anytime. With its tight seal cover, you won’t have to worry able spillage.


The Pout Paint is a  “Highly Pigmented Lip Stain”—and they mean it! For application, use a lip brush since you want to get clean edges. Using your fingers would be fine, too, but I prefer using lip brushes for precision.

I love the electric pink shade of Pinkini—it shows up very nice on photos! I even wore it to school and people loved it!


Here’s how Pin-Up looks like:


You don’t even have to ask how I like it. Anything RED makes me go wild.

Now I know what you’re going to ask next! “Do they dry out the lips????” And my answer to that is, heck no! I was blown away when I wore it for 4-6 hours straight and it stayed intact all throughout! My lips didn’t feel dry at all. This is why I told myself, “Wow, these things are totally going to get a great review.”

I love sharing great products to my readers, and I believe this one is totally worth sharing. I only have the shades Pinkini and Pin-up, but if you go to Makeup Hub by Naturele Collezione’s albums, you will see a couple more shades you just might love.

Prices and more ordering information will be provided for you in this link:

I hope you enjoyed this post, darlings! And again, if you wanna see me swatching and actually using these Pout Paints, keep scrolling down to see the video!

Love, Say


  1. wow i love the pink one its gorgeous! the colors are so vibrant too. really pretty :)

  2. Ah want to get hold of one of these! They look so good, love how pigmented they are :)

  3. love the pinkini!!! i wanna have one!!! heheheh!=)

  4. I am definitely getting one! Thank you so much for the review! <3

    I love how pink Pinkini is!!

  5. Wow!! I love the color!! I want one!

  6.'re so gorgeous! Those paints remind me of liptar :) I'm def. checking that link out! Thanks for sharing!

  7. Thanks for sharing the pics and the video. Its really great. Keep sharing!